OMG "Chernobyl" Is Now The Highest-Rated Show Ever On IMDb

    It beat out Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Planet Earth II.

    In case you haven’t heard of or watched it yet, Chernobyl is HBO’s latest miniseries. It’s just five episodes long — although, fair warning, it’s five INTENSE episodes — and it’s very, very good.

    And, according to Variety, as of today, Wednesday, June 5, Chernobyl is so damn good that it had a 9.7 (out of 10) star average on IMDb, making it the top-rated TV show of all time.

    For comparison, other popular scripted shows include Band of Brothers (which has a 9.4), Breaking Bad (which also has a 9.4), and our beloved Game of Thrones (which has a 9.3).

    But fans couldn't sing high enough praises of Chernobyl, showing lots of love...

    #Chernobyl - HBO's new miniseries is a riveting masterpiece because it showcases real horror without making it look dull, it stuns you with sharp acting, it will make your heart stop a bit, it's cleverly made to blow your mind. #ChernobylHBO is uncompromisingly brilliant.

    ...and fear...

    The starter pack for watching #Chernobyl

    ...and, of course, memes over the past few weeks.

    (The final episode aired June 3, FWIW.)

    And, in case you're curious, the No. 2 top-rated show on IMDb, just behind Chernobyl now, is Planet Earth II.

    ANYWAY, this is all to say, I think you should go watch Chernobyl if you haven't already!!!