I Just Realized These 31 Celebs Are In Their 60s, And I'm Honestly Shocked

    What even is time...

    As a child of the '80s, I shouldn't be surprised that a lot of the ~young~ celebs I grew up watching are no longer so young. Hence, I was VERY shocked when I realized that the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio, is the same age as Barack Obama. (They're both 60, in case you forgot what post you clicked into.)

    Side-by-side photos of Ralph Macchio and Barack Obama, with text that reads, "Both 60 years old"

    Anyway, that got me thinking about and searching for celebs who are in their 60s (or turn 60 this year), and honestly? I am floored by the results. Check it out:

    Note: I relied on Google for these celebs' birth dates, so ya know, take it with a grain of salt if, like, one is wrong or whatever. (This is just for fun!!!)

    1. Like I said, to start, Ralph Macchio (60)

    Ralph Macchio

    2. Michael J. Fox (60)

    Michael J. Fox

    3. Julianne Moore (61)

    Julianne Moore

    4. Antonio Banderas (61)

    Antonio Banderas

    5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (61)

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    6. Jim Carrey (60)

    Jim Carrey

    7. Angela Bassett (63)

    Angela Bassett

    8. Christie Brinkley (68)

    Christie Brinkley

    9. Matthew Broderick (60)

    Matthew Broderick

    10. Gloria Estefan (64)

    Gloria Estefan

    11. Sheryl Crow (60)

    Sheryl Crow

    12. Alfre Woodard (69)

    Alfre Woodard

    13. Hugh Grant (61)

    Hugh Grant

    14. Meg Ryan (60)

    Meg Ryan

    15. Marcia Cross (60)

    Marcia Cross

    16. Jon Bon Jovi (60)

    Jon Bon Jovi

    17. Lou Diamond Phillips (60)

    Lou Diamond Phillips

    18. Jennifer Jason Leigh (60)

    Jennifer Jason Leigh

    19. MC Hammer (60)

    MC Hammer on his phone

    And here are 12 celebs that aren't QUITE 60, but will be later this year...

    20. Tom Cruise (60 in July)

    Tom Cruise

    21. Michelle Yeoh (60 in August)

    Michelle Yeoh

    22. Demi Moore (60 in November)

    Demi Moore

    23. Tony Leung (60 in June)

    Tony Leung

    24. Jodie Foster (60 in November)

    Jodie Foster

    25. Anthony Kiedis (60 in November)

    Anthony Kiedis

    26. Flea (60 in October)


    27. Ally Sheedy (60 in June)

    Ally Sheedy

    28. Emilio Estevez (60 in May)

    Emilio Estevez

    29. Wesley Snipes (60 in July)

    Wesley Snipes

    30. Nia Vardalos (60 in September)

    Nia Vardalos

    31. Cary Elwes (60 in October)

    Cary Elwes

    Me looking at all these celebs: