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    21 Secrets About The "Captain Marvel" Costumes That Will Make You Say, "Wait, That's Really Cool"

    "Captain Marvel embodies hope and what's to come in Infinity War."

    If you're any kind of Marvel fan I probably don't need to tell you that a lot of love and hard work from some incredibly talented people went into the making of MCU's latest smash Captain Marvel.

    And one of those people is Andy Park, Director of Visual Development for Marvel Studios.

    Some of his other stunning MCU designs:

    Speaking with BuzzFeed, Park explained why he was particularly excited to lead the design of Captain Marvel:

    My whole career has been very female-centric and I'm very proud of that. Growing up, my two favorite comic book characters were Iron Man and Rachel Summers — who is Phoenix (Jean Grey and Scott Summers' daughter in an alternate universe). She was my favorite character because she's so powerful. In the '90s, my favorite TV show was Buffy, and for the first 10 years of my career — before becoming a concept artist — I was best known for drawing the Tomb Raider comic books. So, being able to work on the first co-lead female MCU superhero (Wasp) and also the first lead (Captain Marvel), is something I'm really proud and honored to have done.

    And here are all the cool details and behind-the-scenes facts Park shared with us about Captain Marvel...

    1. The red, gold, and blue in Captain Marvel's suit are meant to symbolize her BOLD character — they are literally the primary colors.

    2. Triangles are an important part of the design in Captain Marvel's suit.

    3. And her uniform was designed to look very military...

    4. ...for example, her uniform does not have heels, she wears boots.

    5. And, it's very subtle, but the stripes on her shoulder are meant to denote a rank.

    6. If you look closely, each member of Starforce actually has a unique star design on their uniform.

    7. And their costume designs reflect their status as symbols for the Kree people and their home planet of Hala.

    8. The idea of the suits being able to change color came about while Park was designing Captain Marvel's Starforce look.

    9. There are subtle differences between the Starforce suit and the Captain Marvel look besides just color...

    10. ...she also has an added pair of golden metallic stripes extending out of the star on her chest.

    11. Although Captain Marvel's bodysuit is form-fitting, it's also been designed to be protective and practical.

    12. And her costume is very much in-line with Captain America's.

    13. Park actually FIRST did designs for Captain Marvel for Avengers: Age of Ultron — yup, she was ALMOST in that!

    14. Ironically, Captain Marvel had to be designed when Marvel was developing Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame — BEFORE Captain Marvel — because of filming order.

    15. The cool Mohawk design in her helmet comes from Jamie McKelvie's design in Kelly Sue DeConnick's comics.

    16. And the explanation of HOW her helmet works is alien technology akin to Starlord's mask.

    17. There are two different teams involved with making superhero costumes — one for the armor pieces and one for the softer materials.

    18. And, in general, Superhero costumes are difficult to design because they have to look good both when the actor is standing and also when they're in motion doing stunts.

    19. There are up to 10 costumes made for any character — these include "hero" ones that include heavier material like metal, ones that are "worn" or "scuffed" from battle, or ones that are designed to go on a harness, etc.

    20. Captain Marvel's famous sash from the comics was not included simply because it's impractical.

    21. And finally, in the larger scheme of the MCU, Captain Marvel is meant to represent hope and what's coming for Endgame.

    To see more of Andy Park's work you can follow him on Instagram!