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    16 Boyfriends Who Are So Dorky It's Actually Sweet

    Warning: This cuteness may induce unexpected vomiting.

    1. This boyfriend who bought his girlfriend a pair of goalie gloves because she's a "keeper."

    slizzers / Via


    2. This boyfriend who moved as far away as possible when his S.O. complained they could actually hear him eating.

    lifeloveandwanderlust / Via

    Nothing like eating a bowl of cereal in the corner, behind the sofa, amirite?

    3. This boyfriend who just wanted his girlfriend's things to ~blend~ with his room.

    jbugmelody / Via

    I hear dragon eggs are great for chapped lips.

    4. This boyfriend who made a "fancy shmancy" dinner for his S.O.

    jennyflur / Via

    "He placed this in front of me and said 'Extinction' is served."

    5. And this boyfriend who promised a very similar "fancy" dinner for his date.

    sesdayi / Via

    Those are some nice ketchup zigzags, tho.

    6. This boyfriend who wanted to make his sweet gesture ~picture~ perfect.

    evalasvegasxo / Via

    "This explains the missing photo from a frame in the living room.... came home from work today to this cake waiting for me!"

    7. This boyfriend who mistook a George Foreman Grill for a waffle iron.

    Thunderspacecat / Via

    Whatever, he still made breakfast, counts!

    8. This boyfriend who made the ~sweetest~ apology.

    Made with 100% banana peels. JK.

    9. And this boyfriend who apologized to his S.O. with a bunch of FLOURS.

    Nessie_Assassin / Via

    Taking a cue from Stranger Than Fiction, I see.

    10. This boyfriend who is ~hands down~ the best.

    jamieclassen91 / Via

    LOL, IDK why this is so funny?

    11. This boyfriend who was super honest about something totally not real.

    _k3yl4_ / Via


    12. This boyfriend whose photo game is A+++.

    adyedkitten / Via


    13. This boyfriend who gets a little "carried away" when watching Harry Potter.

    _warrior_princess_x / Via

    Because, DON'T WE ALL?

    14. This boyfriend whose sweet gesture was surprising for the wrong reason.

    masqueradexo / Via

    "My boyfriend tried to be cute and replace a pizza slice with a cupcake."

    15. This boyfriend who fell down the stairs and decided to commemorate it instead of fixing it.

    Rwolinski / Via

    Ah, memories.

    16. And finally, this boyfriend who loves to piss off his girlfriend by matching what she's wearing when they go out.

    ciggy_tardust / Via

    (Also, that cat LOL...)

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