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If These Boyfriend And Husband Fails Don't Make You Laugh, You Probably Don't Have A Boyfriend Or Husband

At least they tried?

1. This boyfriend who didn't pay close enough attention.

2. This boyfriend who was asked to sharpen his girlfriend's lipstick.

Or, I think, lip liner?

3. This husband who thought he could microwave his shirt to dry it faster.

Something smells funny in the kitchen.

4. This husband who blocked out the sunlight with the first thing he could find.

Kinda works?

5. This boyfriend who took direction literally when asked to "put a cover on it and put it in the fridge."

ladylibra703 / Via


6. This boyfriend whose girlfriend had to help point out the obvious.


7. This boyfriend who wanted to apologize, but failed again in the process.

missvictoriab / Via

Not everyone is great at spelling, okay?

8. This boyfriend who brought these home when his girlfriend said she needed highlighter.

carrying_crespo / Via


9. This 6'2" husband who hung a mirror for his 5'1" wife.

It's the thought that counts.

10. This husband who baked cookies...on a cooling rack.

feelingbuff / Via

Have fun cleaning that up.

11. This husband who got, uh, inventive when asked to hand-whip the cream.

Lilaflockensocke / Via

Works, I guess.

12. This husband who is OH-SO-FUNNY.

Twitter: @wendyrollins

Hardee har har.

13. This husband who at least was apologetic.

madcowga / Via


14. This husband who was asked to hang the bananas and, well, yeah...

kaw715 / Via


15. This husband who doesn't seem to know what blueberries are.

16. This husband who was asked to pick up period pads and instead brought home women's incontinence pads.

Almost got it!

17. And finally, THIS GUY, who offered to clean the house for "husband points" while his wife was out of town, but got totally busted instead.

arbucklefatty / Via

Thanks hubby — I mean, Merry Maids!

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