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    14 Extremely Interesting Wikipedia Pages That’ll Send You Down A Rabbit Hole

    *Scrolls forever*

    Ever come across a really interesting Wikipedia page that sends you down a rabbit hole for hours? Maybe even late at night when you should be sleeping instead... No? Just me?! Well, here are a bunch of good ones, courtesy of the folks at Reddit, that cover everything from the strange, funny, to truly fascinating. Happy scrolling!

    H/T r/wikipedia

    1. Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

    2. Operation Northwoods

    3. Maplewashing

    4. Kantō Massacre

    5. Yu-Mex

    6. The Whole Shabang

    7. Yips

    8. Hobby Lobby smuggling scandal

    9. Anti-Barney humor

    10. Kane Tanaka

    11. Mary Anning

    12. Telephone phobia

    13. Japanese adult adoption

    14. List of potato dishes