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    26 Things Absolutely Every Girl Who Grew Up Playing With Barbies Did

    You learned the HARD WAY that Barbie's hair doesn't grow back after you cut it.

    1. Relaxing by chewing on (and sometimes off) your Barbie’s feet.

    2. Giving Barbie a ~hot new~ makeover with crayons or, worse yet, markers.

    3. Losing ONE shoe and having to play with your doll and pretend it wasn't missing it...

    4. ...that is, until you *painfully* stepped on the missing shoe days later.

    5. Hyperextending Barbie’s knee to see just how far it would go back…

    6. ...and also attempting to get Barbie to do a side split.

    7. Attempting to give Barbie a "cool new look" by cutting her hair…

    8. ...or pulling it out entirely until you could see her scalp, just 'cause.

    9. Shaving Barbie’s legs (like a grown-up would)...which then led to you peeling off her skin.

    10. Making Barbie move on from Ken as soon as you got a new boy doll (WHY HELLO, ALADDIN!).

    11. Burning/melting parts of Barbie’s body, usually her face. Honestly, you were just curious.

    12. Playing with them so much in the tub that they developed a weird, mildewy smell and then having to make them permanent bathtub toys — since they smelled too gross to put back in your toy box.

    13. Making Barbie “pregnant” by stuffing cotton balls or wadded up toilet paper under her dress.

    14. Cutting up your Barbie’s clothes to make them ~sexier~…

    15. ...or just making new outfits altogether with things like aluminum foil or toilet paper.

    16. Loading up your Barbies in her car and pushing them off the stairs, just because.

    17. Giving your Barbies super-trashy “storylines” worthy of a soap opera (aka lots of fighting and backstabbing).

    18. Getting a new Barbie and immediately giving her a more glamorous/prettier name.

    19. And then making your older, “ugly” Barbie the “evil” Barbie.

    20. Constantly undressing your Barbies — it was basically a nudist colony.

    21. Secretly opening the box and playing with your oh-so-pretty Collector's Barbie you weren’t supposed to open or play with.

    22. Getting pissed whenever one of your relatives gave you a knockoff Barbie.

    23. Fighting with your BFF or neighbor over which outfit your Barbie got to wear.

    24. Forcing your younger sibling or cousin to play all the supporting roles (like Ken, Skipper, and knockoff Barbie), while you ONLY played Barbie.

    25. Having a fit at the toy store because your parents refused to buy you an expensive accessory (looking at you, Barbie Dream House).

    26. Making your Barbies have sex, like...a lot. And by sex we mean they just lay there kissing each other ’cause that's how you made babies (right?).