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Running Into Your Ex On Valentine's Day

Remember your first love? These two sure do.

Cristina Sanza 3 years ago

These Girls Summon Bloody Mary, Immediately Regret It

If you summon Bloody Mary this Halloween, be prepared for anything.

Cristina Sanza 5 years ago

A Woman's Honest Reaction To 89 Dick Pics

Janet has never received a dick pic, so she decides to see what all the fuss is about.

Cristina Sanza 5 years ago

Watch This Sketch About A Woman Who Really Loves Orange Is The New Black

The female friendships are really inspiring, okay?

Cristina Sanza 5 years ago

10 Reasons To Still Love Dana Scully

The X-Files' Dana Scully inspired a generation of young geeks in the '90s. Here's why she's still the number one FBI Agent of our hearts. SPOILERS INCLUDED.

Cristina Sanza 5 years ago