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10 Reasons To Still Love Dana Scully

The X-Files' Dana Scully inspired a generation of young geeks in the '90s. Here's why she's still the number one FBI Agent of our hearts. SPOILERS INCLUDED.

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1. She was cool by not being cool.

Scully had a degree in physics, wrote her thesis on Einstein's Twin Paradox, and stayed in on a Friday night to write a paper called "Diminished Acetylcholine Production in Recidivist Offenders." All while rocking those adorable glasses.

4. She was a medical doctor.

Need an autopsy done? Call Scully. Did Mulder suffer a head injury? Scully could examine him! Was there some crazy medical jargon thrown into the dialogue? Scully could explain it to you. BECAUSE SHE WAS A MEDICAL DOCTOR.

6. She had the best cry face.

When she broke down and cried, which happened ALL THE TIME in the last two seasons, it was like being stabbed in the heart by those huge ice picks they used to kill the shapeshifting aliens. Scully sacrificed a lot on her quest to find the truth, you guys.

7. She brought out Mulder's cry face.

The thought of losing Scully to cancer caused Mulder to sneak into the hospital in the middle of the night and cry heaving, silent sobs at her bedside. May we all inspire someone to ugly cry over us at least once in our lives.

8. She made us really hate bees.

Just as Mulder and Scully are FINALLY about to kiss in Fight the Future, Scully is stung by a bee that infects her with an alien virus, she gets abducted, and Mulder has to find the vaccine and go to Antarctica to save her. Fucking bees, right?

9. She gave birth to a miracle, maybe-alien baby.

Despite being told that she's barren, Scully discovers that she's pregnant at the end of season seven. We're kept guessing about the father's identity for all of season eight (hint: it's Mulder) and she gives birth to a superhuman baby with alien DNA or something. She names him William, and he's real cute.

10. She kept getting hotter.

That little cutie you saw at the beginning of this list slowly matured into this sexpot G-woman, proving there is hope for all of us, as long as we get a better wardrobe and a great haircut.

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