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    24 Times Canada Had No Chill About The Canadarm

    If you call it "NASA's Canadarm" we will straight up fight you.

    1. When we named it.

    @Daniel_innit / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Daniel_innit

    2. When we put it on our $5 bill.

    Bank of Canada / Via

    3. By removing a scene of kids playing hockey.

    @joshj777 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @joshj777

    4. When the Royal Canadian Mint released a ~$1,000~ gold coin with the Canadarm on it.

    Canadian Space Agency
    Canadian Space Agency

    5. When the director general of the Canadian Space Agency shamed a museum for referring to it as "NASA's Canadarm."

    @spacelecerc / Twitter / Via Twitter: @spaceleclerc

    6. When regular folks get salty, too.

    @seancapri / Twitter / Via Twitter: @seancapri

    7. When we made t-shirts, and wore them proudly.

    @petite_bb / Twitter / Via Twitter: @petite_bb

    8. When we called out Hollywood's unacceptable omission of the greatest space thingamajig ever.

    @EatsMira / Twitter / Via Twitter: @EatsMira

    9. When we made it part of Canada Day celebrations.

    @AxlRock / Twitter / Via Twitter: @AxlRock


    @TurboToaster / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TurboToaster

    11. When we made Canadarm memes.

    12. When the government used Photoshop to add an extra "Canada" to the Canadarm.

    13. When we couldn't stop texting about it.

    @coulis / Twitter / Via Twitter: @coulls

    14. When we told Canadarm jokes and everyone totally got them.

    @groshbarr / Twitter / Via Twitter: @groshbarr


    @knifeyjames / Twitter / Via Twitter: @knifeyjames


    @portertech / Twitter / Via Twitter: @portertech


    @bernard_olson / Twitter / Via Twitter: @bernard_olson

    So Canadian.

    18. When Canadarm was featured in a Captain Canuck comic.

    Chapterhouse Comics / Via Twitter: @CuratorNatRes

    19. When this woman discovered the original Canadarm had been retired.

    @cpendrith / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cpendrith

    20. When we made a Canadarm 2 to replace the first one.

    Canadain space agency
    Canadian space agency

    21. When a federal minister issued a press release about the oriignal Canadarm going to a museum, and talked about the "repatriation" of our "famed robotic arm."

    Government of Canada. / Via

    Pretty much the only other famed repatriation in Canadian history is when our constitution was brought home from England.

    22. When The Globe And Mail also talked about repatriation after a Canadian group of investors bought the company that made the Canadarm.

    The Globe And Mail / Via

    23. When that same newspaper celebrated the 34th anniversary of the first time Canadarm was used in space.

    @Astro_yyz / Twitter / The Globe And Mail / Via Twitter: @Astro_yyz

    24. And finally, this Halloween costume.

    @spaceguy87 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @spaceguy87

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