A Hoax Is Spreading About How Justin Trudeau Kissed Tom Mulcair After The Orlando Shooting

    Seems as if nobody Mulcairs that it's not Trudeau.

    People around the world are being fooled by a satirical article claiming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kissed a fellow male politician to support LGBT people after the Orlando shootings.


    The photoshopped image shows Trudeau kissing NDP leader Tom Mulcair. The story's headline declares that the two are "united against homophobia."

    The article was published on JournalDeMourreal.com, a satirical Quebec website whose name is a play on Le Journal de Montreal, a real French-language newspaper.

    "After an event like this, we had to do something," it (falsely!) quotes Trudeau as saying in French. "I approached Tom to see what he thought, but I didn't expect him to be so enthusiastic."

    The fake story has so far received over 20,000 likes, shares and comments on Facebook, and is spreading in French-speaking countries. This Tunisian man suggested his head of government should do the same.

    Kaar Kaas Sonn is a Chadian singer and author based in France. He shared it with his nearly 45,000 fans on Facebook.

    The fake photo was also tweeted by the mayor of a borough in Paris. "When the prime minister of Canada kisses the leader of the opposition to symbolize universal sexual freedom after Orlando," he wrote.

    For the record, the Leader of the Opposition is now Rona Ambrose of the Conservatives. Not that Girard cares about the details. When people told him he’d been fooled (“Vous vous êtes fait avoir comme des bleus”) he responded playfully, saying he “got a good a Québécois hazing.”

    The Trudeau-Mulcair kiss hoax is actually an update of one the site did last year. That version had the premier of Quebec kissing an opposition politician in a show of solidarity with gay people:


    It has racked up nearly 15,000 Facebook interactions.

    This also isn't the only hoax about Trudeau kissing another politician. A fake news site called Hot Global News recently published a story claiming that Trudeau and Obama "accidentally" kissed during their brotastic state visit in Washington.


    "As the dinner came to an end, both Trudeau and Obama leaned and to hug each other and accidentally kissed," the hoax said. "Both pulled away immediately, apologized and later laughed about it."

    That story, published at the end of May, has less than 100 Facebook likes, shares and comments. Maybe it was missing this:

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