Posted on Mar. 10, 2016

    Justin Trudeau And Barack Obama Are Having The Most Brotastic State Visit

    And Obama said "Eh."

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Barack Obama just took part in the official welcome ceremony for Trudeau's Washington visit. We can now declare that the bromance is real, and our countries are in love.

    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    They worked the crowd together, with Trudeau going straight for the baby moment.

    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    Also note that this may be the first time Trudeau has rocked a three-piece suit since becoming PM. ~vest alert~

    Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    The leaders watched as men in hats with large drums passed by, perhaps symbolizing the beating heart of Canada-U.S. relations — and that time we beat the Americans in the War of 1812.

    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    Not sorry.

    "It's about time, eh?" Obama said of the visit, and then trolled Canada hard. "There are some things we will probably never agree on. Whose beer is better, who's better at hockey." He noted the current Stanley Cup champs reside in his hometown, Chicago.

    Pres. Obama jokes to Canadian PM Trudeau: "Where's the Stanley Cup right now? I'm sorry, is it in my hometown?"

    Oh these two.

    ABC News / Via Twitter: @ABC

    Obama also said the Canadian delegation is "quite good-looking," and that he's never seen so much excitement about the visit of a Canadian PM.

    Trudeau responded to the hockey slur by listing all of the Canadian players on the Blackhawks, such as the captain, Jonathan Toews.

    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters


    Trudeau also spoke of the shared values of Canada and the U.S. "We grew up together," he said of the two countries.

    It's already the most brotastic state visit ever, and it's only day two.

    Paul Chiasson / THE CANADIAN PRESS

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