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This Pic Of A Young Girl Giving Justin Trudeau A Bear Hug Will Make Your Day

Update: Trudeau called her later that evening to thank her for her support.

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Hannah Aris, 10, asked Trudeau for a photo as soon as he was close. "He quickly agreed and as he lifted his arm to put around her, she dove in for a massive hug," her father, Dan, told BuzzFeed Canada. This was the adorable, teary result:

Adam Scotti / Via Twitter: @AdamScotti

Hannah then told Trudeau she's been writing poetry about him since September 😻.

When he shared a photo of the two of them on Facebook, Dan said, "Hannah met her hero this morning."

"It was amazing," Hannah told CBC News. She said she's a Trudeau fan "because he lets the refugees come to Halifax and Canada and lets them have a better life, and he's so pretty."

Dan Aris / Via

Dan said Hannah began following Trudeau during the election when she learned of his plan to welcome the refugees.

"She would like to have had more than 20 seconds to talk with him," he said, noting that Hannah's "even wondering aloud if he would be willing to come over for dinner tonight since he's already in town."


UPDATE: Trudeau called the Aris family tonight. "Hannah spoke to him for about three or four minutes," Dan said. "I spoke to him for about two minutes. Really nice guy, thanked Hannah for her support." Here's Hannah on the call: