Here’s Why Some People Are Convinced Kim, Kanye, and Taylor Are All Illuminati


    Conspiracy theorists have been saying for years that the Kardashians are part of a Satanic Illuminati plot to keep the public distracted from what's really going on. Some even dubbed baby North West "The Illuminati 'Moon Child'."

    Whatever that is!

    The Illuminati conspiracy holds that a secret society controls the world from behind the scenes. Its members include celebrities, politicians, business leaders — a cadre of famous and powerful people who dictate what really happens in our world.

    They alone are responsible for wars, fame, fortune, and for a constant stream of manufactured events that keep us sheeple distracted.

    So when the insanity between Kim Kardashian's husband, Kanye West (also Illluminati), and Taylor Swift (yep) erupted, Illuminati watchers instantly labelled it a hoax. This YouTuber described it as a "psychological operation ... targeted against kids to precondition them to start believing in fabricated events."

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    That same YouTuber, The Vigilant Christian, previously did a video that dissected the baptism of North West and declared it to be a Satanic Illuminati ritual.

    Conspiracy folks agree that Kim is a high-ranking Illuminati. She seems to be aware of this perception. Kardashian once posted a photo to Instagram that appeared to have the so-called Illuminati "All-Seeing Eye."

    Then in 2013 the Kardashian Christmas card featured a large "All-Seeing Eye" in the background, along with a bunch of other symbols that drove the Illuminati watchers nuts.

    According to the theory, this whole thing started at the 2009 VMAs when Kanye famously grabbed the microphone away from Taylor Swift to say Beyonce deserved the award for Best Female Video.

    Swift appeared on stage again later in the show after Beyonce invited her back up. Both women were wearing red. "Of course, red is a significant colour in Free Masonic lodges," according to one YouTuber. "... It's the colour of having been initiated into the order."

    With Swift officially in the Illuminati club, the theory goes, she then worked with Kanye to keep the fake controversy in the media for years. Just a bunch of Illuminati 🐍 fooling all the 🐑.

    By 2015, Swift and Kanye pretended to be cool with each other. They posed for a photo with Kanye's wife, Kim "Illuminati Queen" Kardashian. But then they kicked off another (supposedly fake) scandal because of a lyric about Swift that Kanye put in his song, "Famous."

    PS the video for "Famous" is also a total Illuminati job!

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    The Illuminati YouTubers say the controversy over whether Kanye had given Taylor a heads up about the song — and the video proof posted by Kim to Snapchat — is just the latest layer in the long-running hoax.

    "[Kanye], Kim and Taylor are sitting back drinkin' some bubbly just laughin' at their latest psyop hoax," said the Vigilant Christian. They create drama "because they're Hellywood sellouts who don't care." (Get it? Hellywood.)

    Another YouTuber said kids who follow these stories or watch the Kardashians on TV "are being indoctrinated with dark energy and evil magic ... they're training them to live in an illusionary world."

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    He went on to say that this helps condition children to accept major fake events, and cited the deadly truck attack in Nice, France as an example. (Yes, conspiracy theorists think attacks like those in Nice and elsewhere are Illuminati hoaxes.)

    So, remember: Kanye, Kim, and Taylor Swift were all in on this together, the Illuminati control everything, reality is a lie, and the MTV VMAs are a Satanic ritual to indoctrinate the children of the world.

    Oh, you don't believe? BLAMMMO:

    My 10-year-old just asked me if Kim Kardashian is part of the Illuminati. Um, what? I need a drink.