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    Posted on Dec. 29, 2015

    8 Christmas Miracles That Actually Happened In Canada This Year

    The spirit of the season is strong up here.

    1. Jakob Labonte got a new bike for Christmas, only to have it stolen on Boxing Day. After his mother posted about the theft on Facebook, a local man named Lee Robbins stepped in to buy Jakob the exact same bike.

    Jakob's mother wrote on Facebook that "without ever meeting him this gentlemen messaged us without hesitation offering to buy him a brand new bike because he didn't want to see him go without."

    2. On Christmas Eve Noreen Lucas was sleeping on the couch in her son's home. She had pneumonia and stayed in while the rest of the family was out. Lucas woke up suddenly because the family dog, Rex, had dragged her off the couch. The house was on fire.

    “I was so comatose so when Rex dragged me I knew something was wrong, and I wouldn't be alive without that dog," Lucas told CTV News.

    With Rex by her side, Lucas saved herself as well as other pets from the house. Sadly, the home burned down. But now the town of Vonda, Saskatchewan has given the family a rental property to stay in, and the community is offering them support.

    3. Four brass handbells were stolen from a Newfoundland church. On Christmas Day they appeared for sale online. The church alerted police, and said they wouldn't press charges if the items were returned. The bells were soon dropped off at the church.

    The church's choir director told CBC that the way the bells showed up online and were then soon returned was "a little Christmas miracle."

    4. Bonnie Nicholson was devastated when she realized the thieves who'd broken into her car had made off with a very special locket. Inside were the ashes of her late husband, Allan. A neighbour soon set up a Facebook page to call for the return of the item.

    Facebook: bonnieslocket

    Then, on Christmas Eve, Nicholson spotted a small ball of tinfoil on the roof of her car. The locket was inside.

    "This is unbelievable," she posted on Facebook. "The tin foil wrapper my locket was in is the best Christmas wrapping paper I have ever seen!!!"

    5. On Christmas Day a collie named Rory walked out onto a frozen lake in Lethbridge, Alberta and fell through the ice. The local fire department rushed to the scene, and one firefighter ventured out onto the ice and pulled the dog to safety.

    Stuart Brazier

    “The owners were so happy to get their dog back after thinking they were going to lose her,” Lethbridge fire chief Ron Lamane told the Lethbridge Herald. “It was a great Christmas present for that family."

    6. Just before Christmas, a young girl was spotted in the parking lot of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown, P.E.I. She and two adults placed little baggies containing money and a personal note on each windshield.

    The note written by Isabella Baker, 7, said, "wishing you and your family health and happiness this holiday season." She also gave each person $1.50, which was enough to cover one hour of parking at the hospital.

    "Lots of people need lots of help," Isabella told CBC. "People have to see their sick families and they shouldn't have to pay to see their sick families."

    7. Mandy Manning and her three kids arrived home from a Christmas Eve dinner to discover their house had been robbed. The thieves stole almost all of their presents, as well as many other items. Edmonton Police arrived quickly — with some presents for the kids.

    Mandy Manning

    “They brought bears and all kinds of toys and stuff for the kids,” Manning told Global News. “I couldn’t believe it, that they would do that for us.”

    Other gifts arrived later thanks to the police department's child at-risk response team and the Zebra Child Protection Centre.

    8. Two children in Trail, British Columbia were removed from their home on Christmas Eve by social services. RCMP officers realized the kids wouldn't have any Christmas presents in their foster home, so they tried to find a store that was still open.!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJ6b23VubM6fjtlcq0v6SBg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    The officers called the owner of the local Canadian Tire, Craig Lattanville, who agreed to re-open so the officers could shop for the kids. The foster mother wrapped the presents that night.

    "When the officers returned to Canadian Tire the next day to pay for the shopping spree, Mr. Lattanville would not let them pay and said they were happy to help," read an RCMP release.

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