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34 Hilarious Justin Trudeau Parody Tweets From 2015

How the hilarious Twitter parody account @TrudeauGoogles chronicled Justin's big year.

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1. On the Super Bowl halftime show:

2. On Parliament being back in session at the start of the year:


4. On Eve Adams defecting from the Conservatives to the Liberals:

5. On his father's legacy:

6. On One Direction:

7. On the previous government's budget:

8. On weed day:

9. On May Day:

10. On Victoria Day:

11. On another holiday:

12. On the election result in Alberta:

13. On Degrassi getting cancelled:

14. On appealing to voters:

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15. On the powers of Taylor Swift:

16. On space travel:

17. On the Pan Am Games:

18. On Snapchat:

19. On emojis:

20. On slang:

21. On the election debates:



24. On the economy:

25. On newspaper endorsements:

26. On leading in the polls:

27. On winning the election:



30. On having gender parity in cabinet:

31. On foreign relations:

32. On being sworn in:

33. On national security:

34. On Thirst:

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