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    A Canadian Nightclub Put A Crazy Donald Trump Mural In Its Bathroom

    Behold, the world's greatest murinal.

    Casey Lourens and the other owners of the District Stop nightclub in Winnipeg wanted to put some art in their men's washroom. "We were trying to think of something new and current that people are taking about," Lourens said.

    District Stop
    Casey Lourens

    They decided to make a mural of Donald Trump that places a urinal in the same spot as the presidential candidate's mouth. "People say, 'Hey I just went and peed in Trump's mouth!' and they're excited about it,'" Lourens told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Casey Lourens

    The mural was done by local artist Nereo. People love it so far, according to Lourens.

    "We haven't had any negative feedback at all," he said. "Everybody thinks it's really funny."

    If staring at Trump's face is too much for washroom visitors, they can read the Trump quotes that surround his head. There's the classic, "We have a great relationship with the blacks."

    Casey Lourens

    And: "I do not wear a rug. My hair is 100% mine."

    Casey Lourens

    "I’m sure there’s more political debates happening [in the washroom] than before," Lourens said. "Especially from urinal to urinal."

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