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I'd Vote McCain if Judge Judy Was On The Ticket

By SexyChattyCatty AS SENATOR MCCAIN SURELY CRINGES FROM THE LATEST RANTS OF HIS RUNNING MATE SARAH PALIN, I'LL POSIT THAT HE'D be much better off in the race if he had chosen Judge Judith Sheindlin as his running mate. No joking! She’s an experienced jurist, is whip-smart, and has a great New York accent that could help "balance the ticket." Her "tough broad persona" is no joke, and people like her anyway! (Too bad it didn't work for Hillary.) What else could a president want in a glass-ceiling-busting partner? Can you imagine Judge Judy in a debate with Joe Biden? He’d be toast. Judy wouldn’t need no stinking talking points cue cards, either. You think she doesn’t know the issues? You're crazy! And as she'll tell you in a minute, she didn’t get where she is because she’s cute.

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