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Readers Squawk As Gawker Racks Up Hits

Gawkerites were pissed: "This post is a new, bottom-of-a-very skanky-toilet low, even for Gawker,' commented poster SJBill. “You actually PAID for this cr@p

Crabby Golightly 9 years ago

Eminem's New Video: Pyro's Fantasy

Eminem scores again off his Kim addiction (by the way, Em, there's a drug for that) with the release of a fiery visual diary on domestic abuse.

Crabby Golightly 9 years ago

Danielle Staub's Sex Romp Dubbed 'Raw' Is Out At Video On Demand

THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED HOME PORN FLICK STARRING DANIELLE STAUB HAS HIT THE INTERNET. Video On Demand released the video today on its website five days before its promised release by Hustler.Titled, "Danielle Staub's Sex Tape Raw," the video can be streamed for $9.95 or $19.95 for lifetime privileges at Running time of the "unedited, amateur tape" is one hour and 15 minutes.The tease to the video reads: "Uncensored and in your face, Danielle isn't your typical horny housewife from New Jersey. She is MILF-tastic in this raw and unedited celebrity sex tape."

Crabby Golightly 9 years ago

Your Parents' Celebs Were Awesome!

Just a few steps from Wrigley Field is a store selling old newspapers, baseball cards and mags. Also, for $5 a piece, snaps dating back to the 70s celebs taken by a guy known as a "friendly paparazzo."

Crabby Golightly 9 years ago

Canadian Woman Loses Sick Leave Because Of Happy Facebook Pics

HER DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION: Have Fun. So Nathalie Blanchard of Quebec took in a little Chippendales action, attended a birthday party, took a "sun" holiday. Then she did something stupid: she posted her pics in the throes of amusement on Facebook. Big mistake.

Crabby Golightly 10 years ago

Levi Johnston Wins The Gay & Female Vote

TONGUES WERE HANGING OUT ALL OVER THE WEB AS PLAYGIRL TEASED A PEEK AT LEVI JOHNSTON IN THE RAW. "I'd certainly let him take me behind the middle school and get me pregnant,'' gushed one fan.

Crabby Golightly 10 years ago

Scientists Give New Meaning To Phrase 'Grow A Dick'

SCIENTISTS ARE REPORTING NEWS FROM THE LABORATORY THAT GIVES NEW HOPE TO MEN AND BUNNIES SUFFERING FROM ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Researchers in North Carolina are reporting that they constructed a fully functioning rabbit penis that enabled bunnies to screw and procreate like, well, rabbits.

Crabby Golightly 10 years ago