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23 Experiences Every Non-Football Fan Has On Superbowl Sunday

For those most excited about the halftime, the commercials, and the socially acceptable day drinking.

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1. Having to listen to everyone tell you why football is the greatest sport mankind has ever invented.

2. The struggle of finding an outfit that's appropriate for the occasion.

3. Feigning interest over a game you neither know nor care about.

4. Any time you talk during the game and the judgement is so real.

5. Watching everyone devour your delicious homemade buffalo chicken dip.

CBS / Via

Thank you Pinterest.

6. Having to listen to people get in heated debates over why one team is about to "dominate"

Universal Pictures / Via

7. And, what's worse, being asked your opinion.

8. Horrible flashbacks to the reason you started hating football in the first place.

Paramount Pictures / Via

9. Getting asked if you care more about the commercials than the game.

Paramount Pictures / Via

10. And getting overly emotional because of one.

NBC / Via

Damn, Clysdesdales

11. Watching those around you to figure out how appropriately respond to a play.

FOX / Via

12. Trying to not say this for five hours straight.

Lifetime / Via

13. And eventually drowning your boredom in wine.

NBC / Via

14. Feeling the need to join in arbitrarily aggressive football debates.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

Because you now have liquid courage

15. Uncontrollable excitement and anticipation in the moments that precede the half time performance.

Universal Pictures / Via

16. And the total disappointment when no one lets you rewind it for the third time.

Universal Pictures / Via

Isn't that what Tivo is for?

17. Inevitably getting sucked up in the excitement when your team scores.

18. And the total devastation when they fumble.

19. Impressing those around you with the one fact your dad told you last week.

20. Realizing your complete inability to read Roman numerals.

CW / Via

21. Getting judged any time you ask a question like "Why was that a flag?" or "What the hell is a seahawk?'

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

22. Wanting to kill someone at every time-out because this game literally will not end.

23. Finally, that moment of sweet, sweet relief when it finally does.

New Line Cinema / Via

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