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    30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Affordably Transform Your Bedroom

    Knock, knock, knock... oh, hey it's your new boudoir.

    1. A set of two velvet pillow covers because your current pillows have weird stains from college and that simply won't do anymore. Not only will these covers conceal all your pillow uglies FAST, but they'll give your bed a delightful pop of color.

    The gold velvet pillow covers

    2. A microfiber comforter set plenty of five-star reviewers love for being as affordable as it is cuddly soft. I mean, if your bed = nirvana, then, of course, you'd want something that gives you all the excuses to cancel your weekend plans.

    A reviewer's image of the microfiber comforter set

    3. An upholstered headboard with button tufting, so you can make your bed look like an 11/10, even if you've had your mattress (or box spring) for like... ever.

    A reviewer's image of the gray upholstered headboard

    4. A nightstand that's simple yet elegant at the same time. Display some of your gorgeous bobbles on the bottom shelf and hide all that clutter you have in the drawer. Modern and effective.

    the brown nightstand

    5. Or a set of two tall nightstands if you're anything like me and can't resist some minimalist decor or, most importantly, a good bargain buy — I mean, you get two nightstands for the price of one, PEOPLE!

    The two tall nightstands in white

    6. A table lamp set, which, if you must know, is beloved by plenty of reviewers for its just-right size and touch-switch design. Just think: gone will be the days of having a cramped dresser or nightstand on your hands.

    7. A polyester curtain panel set available in every color under the sun to breathe some life into your bedroom and block the morning sun from ruining your slumber. You may want to put off that paint job till next year folks — you'd be surprised how much transforming a fresh set of curtains can actually do.

    the pink shades

    8. A five-drawer dresser that expertly tackles the task of clothes organization (and closet de-cluttering) like Marie Kondo. You heard it here first: impeccable organizational skills are definitely moving to the top of your resume.

    The five-drawer desser

    9. Or a six-drawer dresser for taking a *MAJOR* load off your closet. I mean, if your closet is experiencing burnout (I'd be too if I was holding *that* many shoes), I think it's only fair to give it a rest, don't you think?

    The six-drawer dresser

    10. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper to flex your DIY skills and transform your bedroom into your favorite room of all. Use this on your walls or to add a touch of something unique to your furniture (especially those dresser drawers) — the choice is yours.

    A reviewer's image of peel-and-stick banana leaf wallpaper on the wall

    11. A two-piece wall art set because if you've been meaning to add more green to your space, well, here's your chance. Now, you can say you're a proud plant parent with plenty of fern and elephant ear babies in tow, even if you've never actually managed to keep a plant alive.

    A reviewer's image of the two-piece wall art set

    12. A set of geometric knobs so you can update your bedroom furniture and stay within budget. See? Transforming your bedroom doesn't have to be a super expensive experience filled with *LOTS* of buyer's remorse — the smallest updates end up making the biggest impact anyways.

    A reviewer's image of geometric knobs

    13. Or a set of pull bars for dressing up those lifeless vanity drawers that could use something extra. Unlike other pulls, these don't require power tools to install, so you can get the task done without having to call in reinforcements from your dad.

    the pull bars on a reviewer's dresser

    14. An accent mirror to fill the void above your headboard (or nightstand) and give you an excuse to ask who the fairest of them all is every day. I mean, I'm no magic mirror, but, of course, the answer is you.

    A reviewer's image of the black accent mirror

    15. A flush mount light because if you're good on the bedroom furniture front, perhaps some new lighting will help make your bedroom feel more complete. Simple but stylish, this little piece is sure to make a huge difference.

    The flush mount light

    16. A set of two velvet side chairs for a chic way to add some fun flair to your room. Pair these chairs with a small coffee table, and VOILA! You'll have the perfect new reading corner in your very own bedroom.

    The yellow velvet side chairs

    17. Or a piece of wrapped canvas graphic art, which IMO, looks like it belongs in an upscale art gallery. Thanks to a neutral mix of colors this bb will fit into any aesthetic you've got going on — minimalist, maximalist, Bohemian, etc.

    The wrapped graphic canvas art

    18. A set of floating shelves so sturdy and convenient, you'll be able to de-clutter your desk, nightstands, and dressers in record time. P.S. these shelves are also a cinch to install, so you'll be able to get a move on all your other bedroom revamp goals — like changing your sheets or putting on that peel-and-stick wallpaper!

    A reviewer's image of the wooden floating shelves

    19. A — how do I put this? — très élégant writing desk that won't have your apartment bedroom gasping for air. Sure, this desk is compact, but don't be fooled — it still boasts a spacious top for all your tech plus drawers that open for even more storage options.

    A reviewer's photo of the white high gloss writing desk

    20. A storage bench because if seasonal bedding items — looking at you, weighted blanket — are another closet hog, this bad boy will win first prize in the de-cluttering Olympics. Not only is this bench spacious but it's also stylish and provides an easy place for you to sit and put your kicks on every day.

    A reviewer's photo of the grey upholstered lift off storage bench

    21. A microfiber sheet set for achieving your best night's sleep yet. Obviously, these sheets are super soft (I imagine this is what angels sleep on), but more importantly, they're super durable — meaning they won't fall apart after your first wash.

    The white microfiber sheet set

    22. An oversized wall clock if you're trying to reteach yourself how to tell time when you don't have access to your phone. Not only will this help with your skill-building, but you may hear the whispers of gratitude from your bedroom walls for finally giving them something to work with.

    The oversized wall clock

    23. A corner bookcase perfect for housing your TBR list without you having to invest in the money (or the space) for a massive bookshelf. This is great for people dreaming of having their own reading nook but not quite at the "in-house-library" stage of their lives yet.

    The corner bookcase in dark cherry brown

    24. A satin sheet set giving "it's not a bedroom, it's a BOUDOIR" vibes. I mean, not only are these sheets fancy and smooth, but they also cut down on bad hair days (bye, shedding!) thanks to a silky-satin fabric.

    The grey satin sheet set

    25. A faux fur throw for your bed, love seat, or sad and lonely accent chair in the corner of your bedroom. Now stop and close your eyes — can you imagine how warm and soft this baby will feel wrapped around you on a cold and rainy night? Sigh...

    26. A three-tier utility cart with wheels, because, hear me out: this is an item you can use in so many ways — to hold pairs of shoes, house hair-styling tools, find excuses to buy more plants, you name it. This just in: finding excuses to buy carts for other rooms in the house is to be expected.

    The white three-tier utility cart

    27. A pharmacy floor lamp to nail those retro vibes and bring some mood lighting to your bedroom. You also got three colors to work with here, so if warm tones are your Achilles heel, then, listen to your heart, and go with the brass one!

    The aged silver pharmacy lamp

    28. An eye-catching vanity tray if you want a fast fix for a bare vanity in your life. Now, you can show off all those designer perfumes — I'm talking that Carolina Herrera Good Girl bottle — that are made for the 'gram.

    the tray on a reviewer's dresser

    29. A flameless candle set to help you dodge any questions from your nosy landlord about whether or not you're gonna burn the building down. Not only are these flameless but they are also unscented, so you won't set off the temperamental smoke alarm or your temperamental migraines.

    The flameless candle scent

    30. And finally, a spacious wicker basket set for bedroom storage opportunities on end. Trust me, I think your overflowing closet is really gonna heart you for this one.

    The wicker basket set

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