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    31 Things Under $40 From Target That’ll Feel Surprisingly Luxurious

    Sometimes, you just want your life to look like you've spent money without actually having to spend money.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A ceramic jar three-wick candle that will add an elegant touch to any room *and* a delicious scent as well.

    The candle

    Promising review: "Smells incredible, burns down evenly with the three wicks. Makes my home smell cozy and luxurious. Highly recommend." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $13

    2. A hanging plant arrangement to create the look of real luxury and light in your home without breaking the bank to achieve it.

    The plants

    Promising review: "I just picked up my Faux Hoya Leaf Hanging Plant and I absolutely love it!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $14.99

    3. A balloon long-sleeve top – it somehow screams professional and lavish at the same time. Throw on some accessories like a headband and you'll be at the top of your outfit game.

    Model wearing the top in off white

    Price: $27.99 (available in sizes XS-4X and in two colors)

    4. An elegant ceramic lamp for a sleek sophisticated look in any space. The modern finish will make it seem as if you spent way more than you actually did.

    The lamp

    Promising review: "I wanted a unique lamp, but most I found were $200. I am ecstatic I didn’t give up my search before I found this gem. I bought two." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $29+ (available with or without a lightbulb)

    5. An idyllic rope hammock chair for when summer finally comes around. Spend the day lounging in your new hammock with a cool glass of seltzer.

    The hammock chair

    Promising review: "I like this hammock. It's great if you don't have two trees to hang a regular hammock. It's comfortable and will provide hours of enjoyment in my garden." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $32.99

    6. A set of geometric throw pillows that scream chic. There's nothing more luxurious than decorative pillows — and lots of them.

    Tarrget, Target

    Promising review: "Love this throw pillow. I have one on my bed and one on my desk chair. It’s made well and a great buy!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $20+ (available as a single pillow or as a set)

    7. A layered gold necklace that could probably cost well over $100 at another store but is less than $20 here. Sometimes all you need to complete an outfit is the perfect necklace.

    The necklace

    Price: $14.99

    8. A pair of pointed-toe loafers because even though we're taking our meetings on Zoom now, dressing professionally can keep us motivated and on top of our WFH game. These shoes give you that chic style without sacrificing comfort.

    The loafers in cognac

    Promising review: "I never write reviews, but these shoes are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. The soles are squishy and I feel like they could easily pass as being genuine leather. I love them so much, I bought pairs for my relatives." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $24.99 (available in sizes 5.5-11 and two colors)

    9. An at-home facial steamer to make you feel like you've brought the spa home to your couch. Carve out some "you" time and feel the extravagance wash over you.


    Promising review: "This steamer is great and opens up my pores just like I hoped it would. Great value — do not waste your money on overpriced steamers, this is perfect!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $27.99

    10. A geometric marble accent lamp that could pass as a designer lamp with its unique modern style but really, cost you less than a week's worth of coffee.

    a hexagon shaped brass cage with an exposed bulb inside sitting on top of a marble base

    Promising Review: "Very huge lamp for a great price. I was expecting this lamp to be smaller and lighter, but I was surprised when I saw how wonderful the quality was and how heavy it was." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $35

    11. A wooden wine rack to add a minimalist touch to your home decor. Display your $10 wine collection proudly.

    The wood rack

    Promising review: "I like the modern feel and looks expensive!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $36

    12. A set of glass champagne flutes because there's just something incredibly sophisticated about having specific glasses for champagne.

    The flutes

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these! They are great quality and a perfect shape. I love how the stem is a little thinner, making them seem fancier, yet they are very affordable! Threshold brand never disappoints!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $25 for four

    13. A pair of high-rise paper bag ankle pants for a comfier take on slacks. All of the style, none of the squeeze.

    Model wearing the pants in black

    Price: $27.99 (available in sizes XS-4X and in six colors)

    14. A magnetic hobo bag that adds a stylish touch to your outifts and has an *almost* designer look about it.

    The bag in taupe

    Promising review: "Great bag! Super big and chic!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $35

    15. A sterling silver linked circle necklace that's high enough quality to not break down quickly but is still affordable.

    The necklace

    Promising review: "Great quality, I wear this constantly and it has yet to degrade in any way. It's been over five months." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $19.99

    16. A tiered jewelry storage box to help clean up that clutter of random necklaces and earrings we both know you have. Can't possibly be just me, right?

    The storage box in black/walnut

    Promising review: "Love the versatility of this product. Very good quality and can be stored in the wire shelf it comes with or can take them out and store in your dresser." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $35.49

    17. A woven sleeveless jumper with a breathable fabric so you won't feel suffocated in this piece as you strut down the street with your face mask and hand sanitizer as accessories.

    Model wearing the jumpsuit in brown

    Promising review: "I absolutely love how comfortable it is! I love how easy it is to put on. It does run big, so size down at least one size. I love how soft the material is." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $40 (available in sizes XS-2XL and in two colors)

    18. A pair of super cute sandal pumps that will look and feel luxurious on your feet. BRB, buying one in every single color.

    The shoes in green

    Promising review: "Very comfortable. Smooth, beautiful, elegant." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $24.99 (available in sizes 6-12 and in five colors)

    19. An iced coffee maker to make all your Starbucks dreams come true from the comfort of your kitchen. Plus, it comes with a reusable tumbler and coffee filter!

    The coffee maker in gray

    Promising review: "I bought this, loved it, and then bought two more for my nieces. We ALL love it! It's quiet, brews quickly, and you can customize it however you like!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $29.99 (available in four colors)

    20. A sleeveless dress you can upgrade with a blazer and heels or keep casual with a jean jacket and sandals. Either way, this versatile piece won't cause you too much financial stress.

    Model wearing the dress in black

    Promising review: "These are the best dresses. My daughter and I have several and usually wear them with a denim jacket. So comfy and true to size." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $20 (available in sizes XS-2XL and 10 colors)

    21. A pair of lace-up combat boots that'll add an edgy confidence to your outfit and your mood. Who knew all it took to feel this good was a $40 pair of shoes?

    The boots in black

    Promising review: "So comfortable and cute! Love the side zipper, make it so easy to take on and off. Highly recommend!!!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $39.99 (available in sizes 6-11 and in two colors)

    22. A classic-looking watch, it doesn't have numbers which seems to make it *even more* sophisticated. No one needs to know it cost less than $20.

    The watch

    Promising review: "Super soft and stylish. Matched with everything!" —Target Reviewer

    Price: $16.99

    23. A minimal glass jewelry box that might not clean up the clutter of your jewelry but it can at least hide it in an aesthetically pleasing box.

    The box with a brass lid

    Promising review: "The Tesora Jewelry box is made of two stackable glass bowls with a lid. It is classy looking with the frosted glass and the gold lid. It holds quite a bit of my jewelry and it looks nice on my dresser." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $32.49 (available in three styles)

    24. A wrap jacket to bring a touch of cover to your outfit but won't have you sweating on a hot day.

    Plus-sized model wearing the jacket in neutral

    Promising review: "I bought the neutral color in the plus size, and the drape and ombré colors are so flattering. I was worried it would look like a sack, but it is just perfect and very flattering." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $25 (available in one size, one size plus, and four colors)

    25. A glass pour-over maker that makes great coffee *and* adds some cute decor to your kitchen. As a former barista, I can tell you, pour-over coffee is unbeatable.

    The coffee maker

    Promising review: "I really love it!! It’s fun to make coffee with this pour-over coffee maker. My coffee tastes really delicious! Plus it adds a nice decor in my kitchen." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $19.99

    26. A pore extraction skin resurfacing system which is basically just a lot of words to say a device that will help clear up your skin. Nothing is more luxurious than pulling dirt and grime off your face and being left with glowing skin.


    Promsing Review: "I have been using my MIO device for three weeks and can now see a definite reduction in acne scars as well as noticeable smoothness immediately after using." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $29.49 (available in three colors)

    27. An eye-catching mini skirt you can throw on for that after-work virtual happy hour you agreed to and still have money to spare for Whiteclaws.

    Plus-sized model wearing the skirt in pink

    Promising review: "This skirt is so cute!! It fits perfectly and has a bit of stretch so it’s pretty comfortable." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $17 (available in sizes 00-26W and in three colors)

    28. A rose quartz sculpting stone that, surprisingly, isn't for sculpting art, it's for sculpting your face. Need I say more?


    Promising review: "I was trying this totally thinking it was a gimmick. I am not sure if it helps with fine lines yet but it SERIOUSLY massages and relaxes the facial muscles and feels so great around the temples and jawline." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $9.99

    29. A satchel handbag with a sleek finish that gives off the look of an expensive item but won't have you crying in the checkout line.

    The bag in beige

    Promising review: "I got the green and I love it. It looks so nice any way you carry it. Lightweight and looks expensive. I carry it over my expensive bags." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $35 (available in five colors)

    30. A bright pink moto jacket because as we come up on the one year anniversary of quarantine, we all deserve a little color in our lives.

    Plus-sized model wearing the jacket

    Promising review: "The color is pretty. The fit is pretty accurate. Overall it was a great purchase because the quality is impeccable." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $40 (available in sizes XS-4X)

    31. And an Olive & June cuticle serum that feels self-explanatory because as we all know, the true measure of wealth is how nice your cuticles are. Fool everyone with this $15 steal.


    Promising review: "Love this serum!! It's not greasy or oily and gives just the right amount of healthy glow. My cuticles look amazing after using this for just a few weeks." —Target Reviewer

    Price: $15.99

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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