Very, Very Bizarre Men's Underwear Ads

    Yes, the bent-over man has his head inside the pants — through the fly — of the standing man.

    I rarely, truly, admire any advertising these days. It's why I got out of the industry to start professionally blasting the shit out of the shit I see.

    But these ads, these ads I wish I had done. I wish I had been in the meeting to here the client say "We love em, you crazy kooks! Produce em!" I wish I had been on the photoshoots. Look at the standing guy's expression. Perfect. The location—perfect.

    Three more executions below. The Guy buried in his own crotch is also great (reminds me of a certain scene from a certain movie starring Ron Jeremy). The mannequin one is the weakest.

    The TV commercials from the campaign are, amazingly, even stranger (watch them here).

    Will the work sell Miroslav underwear? Fuck if I know.

    Ad agency: M&C Saatchi, Sydney.