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This Ad Will Touch You

The British are masters at this. It's for dog food, but it will also end up selling tissues.

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The goddamn Brits know how to use emotion to sell products, don't they?

Remember this amazingly moving commercial for Robinsons fruit drinks from last month?

This time, we visit some wonderful European town, a town infinitely more wonderful than where you or I live. In this town lives a wonderful elderly gentleman and his wonderfully cute, obedient doggie. They are soulmates on a daily mission.

With these mini-story types of commercials, the introduction of the product often ruins the vibe. Not so with these two spots which are executed exquisitely.

Almost makes me want to get back into advertising.

As with all Cesar ads, the commercial stars a West Highland White Terrier, the official mascot of the brand.

Ad agency: AMV BBDO, London.