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    The Top Fake Ads Of The Year

    The Chip Shop winners were named Thursday at London's Ministry of Sound. These are the winners, plus a couple of my favorites.

    1. The best fake TV commercial of the year — Sensodyne.

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    Well done.

    2. Smint cool mints. I would LOVE to see this on airplanes.

    3. This was the Grand Prix winner. It's decent, not my favorite.

    4. Ice cap business cards. Greenpeace should buy this idea.

    5. Best Viral Video winner — Windolene glass cleaner

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    6. Great Ormond is a children's hospital in London.

    7. Funny and touchy long copy ad for a vet.

    8. Best consumer ad winner.

    9. Best remake of an existing advert.

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    10. Best Politically Incorrect winner. There were much worse. Like the one below.



    Here's the 21 most offensive fake ads of the year from the Chip Shop awards.