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The Sleazy Jaguar Ad Don Draper Should Have Presented

Sunday's "Mad Men" episode was the seediest one yet. This print ad from the 1990 movie "Crazy People" would've fit right in.

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If you haven't seen the film (Don't. It's not that good.), Dudley Moore plays an ad exec who has a nervous breakdown and starts creating "truthful" ads.

If you didn't see the last Mad Men, The Draper creative team thinks that the right strategy for Jaguar is to think of the car as a mistress (without using the word). Then, Jaguar's head sales guy essentially tells the account team that, if they want his "yes" vote, they need to set him up with a night with office manager Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks. Here's 50 photos of her.).

As a joke, I would have liked to have seen Draper show this ad to break the ice (before showing his winning idea), and to see the look on the Jaguar sales guy's face.

Here's the scene from Crazy People where Moore shows the Jaguar ad.