The Best Zombie-Themed Commercial Yet

    Diehard or die.


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    Important things to remember to check as the inevitable zombie apocalypse nears: Your go-bag, your supply of shotgun shells, and your car battery.

    Ad agency: Y&R Midwest.

    Expertly directed by Tom Routson at Tool.

    Ad agency creatives are constantly, desperately, seeking any hot cultural linchpin to wrap their clients' products around in lieu of actually coming up with a truly original idea. (That's really hard work, trust me.)

    So, once The Walking Dead became a hit, commercial directors' phones started immediately buzzing.

    Below are the best of the rest of the zombie commercials from recent years. Keep in mind that most of the zombie-related ads from recent years are just plain shit-awful.

    2. FedEx (2011). Ad agency: BBDO Guerrero, Philippines.

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    3. Skittles (2012). Ad agency: BBDO Toronto.

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    4. Honda Civic (2012). Ad agency: RPA, Santa Monica.

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