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    The Best Condom Ads From Around The World

    Safe Sex Tour 2013 starts now!

    1. Durex. Angry Sperms.

    2. South Korea. Durex. "Love Sex."

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    Adorable with a funny payoff.

    Well done.

    Ad agency: Unknown.

    3. France. Intimy condoms.


    Woman: "Ah! Water is cold..."

    Man: "No…"

    Woman: "Oh well…"

    4. India. Moods ribbed condoms, "with 1500 dots."

    "Celebrate the art of lovemaking."

    The artwork is "Kolam" — a form of painting that uses rice powder.

    See two more ads here.

    Ad agency: R K Swamy BBDO, Chennai.

    5. Via Turkey.

    6. Via the United Arab Emirates.

    7. USA. Trojan (lubricant). "All Shoke Up."

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    Well well, a decent sex ad from ridiculously sex-repressed America.

    Avila's seductive cover of the 1957 Elvis song works perfectly here.

    Online only, of course ('merica!). And note the prominent wedding ring shot.

    See two more spots in the campaign here.

    Ad agency: The Joey Company, Brooklyn (represent!).

    8. Los Angeles. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation.


    Nice type work.

    9. Honduras. "Be Afraid or Use Durex."

    10. Argentina. Tulipan condoms with retardant control. "Enjoy longer."


    Due to BuzzFeed's pain-in-my-ass lack of an "enlarge photo" feature, you may not be able to see the details of this funny ad. Interspersed between photos of a woman flagrante delicto are shots of unsexy thoughts (to a man). They include: gnomes, cockroaches, toenail fungus, the square root of 7, plumber's ass crack, etc.

    It's the best condom I've seen in years.

    Ad agency: Y&R, Buenos Aires.

    11. Australia AIDS Council of New South Wales.


    Very cool safe sex outdoor poster campaign up now in Sydney.

    Design agency: Frost.

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