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    Six Of The Dumbest Print Ads From The Last Six Years

    You've seen the six best billboards from the last six years. Now, gaze upon failure.

    Here's a GREAT idea: Let's riff off of the most iconic race protest photo in history to sell.....toilet cleaning gloves. From 2011, via Brazil.

    From 2011. You may be saying, "Hey, that's a creative ad." But, the Hells Angels didn't think so. (They've got a brand, too.) Essilor (in France) got scared shitless and pulled the ad. Also, no apostrophe, idiots.

    This was a World Water Day mailer from 2009, via Belgium. To read the message, you had to run it under water. The translated line: "Without water, knowledge cannot flow." Just a reminder that the main message of World Water Day is conserving water. I'm pretty sure you could still read it if you pissed on it.

    Man leaves wife because there's no Jacobs instant coffee in the house. "Tell mommy I love her, and that I'll be at the Tel Aviv Sheraton for break-up booty calls." Nice Photoshopped tear. From 2011, via Israel.

    Playing ice hockey. With luggage. Hockey. Luggage. It doesn't make an ice shard of sense. Plus, that Photoshop work, yikes. From 2010, via South Korea.

    From 2007. I mean: What the Hell was Intel thinking? It started a racist shitstorm that quickly blew up. Just Google Image search: "racist Intel ad."

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