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    On The Subway (14 Photos)

    It's dangerous. It's weird. It's boring. It's fascinating. A continuing series.

    1. This guy's got the right — if not legal — idea.

    2. Some days you feel golden, other days, less so.

    3. R U menaced? Photo by John Fullard, one of our best NYC life photographers.

    4. One of Rodak's Lugo Men?

    5. Why is this man wearing the Victoria Line subway seat pattern, sitting in a Victoria Line subway seat? Read all about it on Animal New York.

    6. London. The fact that they're not queuing properly must be very unsettling to the non-panda Brits.


    8. Not Halloween, btw.

    9. My outfit isn't breaking any laws, in fact my shoulders are soundproof.

    10. Few things are as scary as riding an empty NYC subway car at night.

    11. At the Canal Street station, NYC.

    12. Via Brooklyn.

    13. An opossum on the D train. "Jerome" was captured and released into a wooded area of the Bronx.

    14. A Times Square Elmo ducks into the Bryant Park subway station during a thunderstorm.

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