Meanwhile, On The Subway

‘Tis, still, a strange place. 10 photos.

1. Gimp Suit on the Tube.

ID: 1219629

2. The chicken leg completes the scene.

ID: 1219670

3. Taking a crap? Taking a crap — via The Amsterdam Metro.

ID: 1219680

4. Want to play a game? No? THEN TIP ME.

ID: 1219658

5. Oops. NYC.

Jordan Matters / Via
ID: 1219636

6. Via Berlin.

ID: 1219699

7. Sad Napoleon rides the ‘R’ earlier this year.

ID: 1219835

8. Waiting for the ‘4’ train, NYC.

ID: 1219917

9. Vibrating cock ring on the Frankston line, in Australia.

ID: 1219705

10. Human sacrifice about to go down, recently, on the NYC ‘E’ train.

ID: 1219789

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