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Most Powerful Child Abuse Ads Ever Created

Try not to be moved by some of this advertising.

1. Unicef — "Costume"

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Via Chile.

Commercial won a silver CLIO last year but hasn't got much publicity.
It deserves more.

2. Unicef

3. Casa de Menor

4. Center for Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation — "It Never Goes Away"

5. NSPCC — "The Shit Kids Say"

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Via the UK.

Unlike 90% of these types of PSAs, I think this spot for UK children's charity NSPCC might actually prompt some action.
The child actors really sell it.

6. HiddenVilence.nl — "Addict"

7. Casa do Menor

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Via Italy.

This spot, “Burden,” comes close to getting it right, but the copy line at the end kind of ruins it. Maybe it's because of the translation from Italian.
The understated xylophone-y music is spot-on.

8. Nobody’s Children Foundation

9. International Trade Union Confederation — "How To Make A Child Jackhammer"

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Via Austria.

I wanted to include one "funny" ad here, just to round out the post.
But, I'm thinking childish humor is probably not the way to go with this subject.

10. CERCA — Glow In The Dark Print Ads

11. SaveTheChildren.mx — "Break The Cycle"

12. ISPCC — "I Can't Wait Until I Grow Up"

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Via Ireland.

This is, unquestionably, the most powerful child abuse ad ever created.
The kid deserves an Oscar. The idea, the script, the direction...
Jesus, try not to be moved.