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    Funny, Bloody Don't Text And Drive PSA

    If you have Dentophobia (fear of dentists), do not watch this.

    The video is for Impact Teen Drivers, a nonprofit started by Jon Hamm, CEO for the California Association of Highway Patrolmen.

    If you're targeting teens in a PSA, humor can work, if it's done right. This is a decent effort. And it definitely beats the serious, preachy approach—which has been proven over and over again to be tuned out by them.

    This spot certainly has plenty for teens to snicker at.

    Directed by Olivier Agostini, who has this to say about his video:

    "The backbone of the spot was to create awareness on the dangers of distracted driving without relying on the use of ubiquitous scare imagery or graphic car-crash footage. More and more people undermine the importance of actually concentrating while driving - especially teenagers. People are so accustomed to being continually 'connected' these days that the standard five minute drive to the supermarket now includes sending two emails, checking Facebook, answering five texts, eating a cheeseburger, applying lip-gloss and taking a photo while simultaneously uploading it to Instagram. And that's just on the way there."

    Ad agency: none.