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"Dead" Models In Fashion Ads

In honor of New York Fashion Week. Dead is never not hot. Ten ads.

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1. Superette

Gory ads for Superette, an Auckland, NZ boutique. "Be caught dead in it" is the tagline. The ads supposedly recreate scenes from The Virgin Suicides. Second execution below.


6. Wrangler

Back in 2008, Wrangler tried to reposition itself in France as an edgy brand with this coroner photo campaign tagged "We Are Animals." That's a long way for my mind to travel from penis-texting Brett Favre.

Second ad below.

8. Duncan Quinn

2008 Ad for Duncan Quinn, seller of handmade ready-to-wear and bespoke men's suits. (That's not Quinn in the ad.) So dandy and randy, DQ. The ad caused an Internet shtistorm which I'm sure Quinn, an NYC attorney, didn't mind one bit.


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