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Amazingly, These Sleazy Ford Ads Are Real

Via India. Ford has apologized.


Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and three of his busty Bunga Bunga girls, bound and gagged.

I saw these Ford Figo ads ("leave your worries behind") yesterday, and immediately dismissed them as just another scam campaign.

India is famous for fake award-bait campaigns, and these ads certainly don't look like anything a company like Ford would approve for publication.

And, I was right.

But, the ad agency (JWT, New Delhi) put them on the internet (they were emailed to me by an Indian copywriter), and apparently, Ford knew about them. And that makes them real enough.

Which forced both the ad agency and Ford to apologize.

Read their statements on Business Insider.

Let's see if the agency loses the business, now.


Maybe you can tell, maybe not (the illustration is absolutely horrible) — but that's Paris Hilton with the Kardashians three in the boot.

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