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Abe Lincoln Doppelgänger Sweating Skittles

While running on a treadmill, wearing a wife-beater. He falls, and slams his head against the wall.

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Some details of note in the latest insane Skittles commercial:

• The "Teamwork" poster behind our hero (see below)

• The Skittles sweat drop on our hero's nose.

• The explosion of rainbow colors when our hero's head hits the wall.

Those yellow Skittles armpit sweat stains are disgusting. Just sayin'.

This is the latest Skittles ad via DDB Chicago since they took over the account. The last one, featuring a blond making out with a walrus, got the Million Moms' granny panties in a bunch.

A recap what we now know: Skittles are sweat. And, Skittles are semen (NSFW).