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    A Russian Corporate Tradition: The Sleazy Calendar (NSFW)

    Every year, some of Russia's largest and well-known companies create calendars that would be quite inappropriate in the U.S.


    Maxima is a large communications and internet company with 50 million customers.

    Every person in these images is an employee of the company, according to the captions.


    The theme of this calendar is to show the competitive advantages of Maxima.

    If you know Russian, please comment on the translations of the headlines.


    I wonder if the women got paid to pose nude?



    Now, imagine Verizon doing something like this.



    This is the Eve-themed cover.


    Two years ago, Aeroflot, Russia's largest airline, got a lot of international flak for produced a very NSFW calendar for VIP fliers featuring a fully naked flight attendant.

    Last year, the country's 2nd largest mobile phone operator released a sleazy illustrated calendar.

    See more months from the Maxima calendar here (NSFW).