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10 Smartest Ads In The World

From March. You've seen the dumbest. These are not those.

1. Max Shoes

Stunningly simple way to advertise shoes, but it works.

Via Switzerland.

2. Swiss Hemophilia Association

At the bottom of the back side of the page, the copy reads:

"For a hemophiliac this page is as dangerous as a razor blade.

Help those affected:"

3. Penguin Multi Surface Cleaner

Via Thailand.

"Filth Has Nowhere To Hide."

Smart and fun and original for the category.

4. McDonald's

View this video on YouTube

I rarely like any McDonald's ads.

This one is nice, though.

5. Seventh Moon Tattoo Shop

Via The Netherlands.

6. Daft Punk: Random Access Memories


In Los Angeles.

When you're Daft Punk, this is all you have to do to promote an album.

7. Toronto Crime Stoppers Ball

View this video on YouTube

Here's the print ad from the campaign.

8. nanoblock

A series of cute little ambient ads placed on the streets.

See the rest of them here.

9. Fox Movies

"No commercial breaks.

Via Dubai.

10. New Zealand Weather Service (The Winner For March)

They turned a billboard into a real-time weather update.


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