The 10 Dumbest Ads In The World

From March. These aren’t all necessarily terrible ads, just stupid.

1. I’m…Strangely Turned On by This Ad…

What a fun ad for respiratory disease! Which is such a hilarious topic!
Another example of: Art Directors Gone Wild!
Via Brazil.

ID: 1026532

2. Baygon Insecticide

Via Venezuela.
The concept is interesting: bite them before they bite you.
But that visual is just a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE.
Also, Bee’s don’t bite.

ID: 1026432

3. SportsFit Gym

Via India.
Can you read that word?
This is what happens when crazy art directors turn off their left brain, which is often.

ID: 1026516

4. Moscow Real Estate

Via Russia.
Why the Hell did you turn my maybe future apartment into a stupid looking dog?
Anthropomorphization is rarely a smart move.

ID: 1026460

5. Cuprinol Paint

Speaking of Anthropomorphization…
This is just a really, really, REALLY dumb TV commercial.
Via the UK.

ID: 1026490

6. Le Poisson Restaurant

Via Switzerland.
“We Orchestrate Fish.”
Amadeus Nope-zart (sorry).

ID: 1026561

7. Nothing A Good Moisturizer Won’t Fix…

STOP it, dumb art directors, PLEASE…STOP.
Via Brazil.

ID: 1026547

8. And The Dumbest Exploitation Of the Pope Vote Goes To…

Via Brazil.

ID: 1026590

9. World Environment Day

Creative Director: So, we need a visual, PDQ.”
Art Director: “A pregnant tree?”
Creative Director: “Done. Let’s get sushi.”

See anthropomorphization comments above.
Via India.

ID: 1026580


Hahaha, dumb and sexist, a maxi-combo.
Via Australia.

ID: 1026572

Here’s February’s Dumbest Ads in the World.

ID: 1026413

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