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10 More Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

You've, uh, come a long way, uh, baby.

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1964 ad.

"The fact is, a woman wasn't meant to change a flat tire."

No, she was meant to break her back bending over and staring at it, hoping it would fix itself.

Wifey, Is your face "a magnet alluring enough to draw him right home night after night?"

If not, either buy our soap, or chop your fucking telephone pole down.

Yes, just because you wait on him hand and fucking foot, "do something soft and young and special for him."

1951 AD.


Two Male jeans ads from 1969.

The women are topless, both photos have been edited for this post.

These adverts — making models pose nude next to the shittiest beatnik-y poetry even written — are pretty much the most humiliating ad-crimes against women I've ever seen.

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