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    17 Truths About Your First Trimester That All Pregnant Women Should Prepare For

    Naps, Seamless and secret Facebook groups FTW.

    Note: This is an account of my own personal experience and not a medical evaluation. Pregnancy can cause a variety of symptoms that vary from person to person. As always, check with your doctor if you have any concerns regarding your pregnancy.

    1. The exhaustion is unbearable, and keeping your eyes open requires superhuman effort.

    2. Which means you'll spend entire weeks as a near-literal couch potato.

    3. You'll also become super antisocial.

    4. But you'll find online communities that save your sanity.

    5. Medical advice can totally differ depending on what part of the world you're in.

    6. At first, it can be hard to actually enjoy being pregnant.

    7. Your relationship with your mother will change.

    8. Hunger and nausea go hand in hand.

    9. Speaking of which, prenatal vitamins can also mess with your stomach.

    10. Your bladder will become your own worst enemy.

    11. There are no dumb questions.

    12. Once you start shopping for "pregnancy" things, the reality really sinks in.

    13. Just thinking about exercise will tire you out.

    14. Hiding a growing belly can be pretty stressful!

    15. You'll have the urge to read every maternity book you can get your hands on.

    16. You'll regularly switch between laughing and crying in mere nanoseconds.

    17. BUT, finally seeing that lil alien inside of you will help make sense of all the madness and anxiety.

    This post was translated from Spanish.