Today’s Google Doodle Is A Favela And That’s Plain Rude

Poverty should not be a pop icon.

1. Google has been playing around with its Doodles since the World Cup started, and they’ve mostly been cute and playful, but Wednesday’s image is a bit tone deaf. The Doodle depicts a favela — or slum — where the letter “L” is playing with a ball by itself.


2. In favelas, people live in extreme poverty with lack of services, and they are often afflicted by severe crime and violence.

larigan - Patricia Hamilton/larigan - Patricia Hamilton

3. According to Google Doodle’s archive, the inspiration came from a sketch by artist Matt Cruickshank.

4. Many have complained on social media, pointing out that trying to make poverty look cute is insensitive.

Is this @Google doodle meant to be a favela? Using cartoon poverty to celebrate the footie: tasteless & inappropriate

— Claire Rousseau (@ClaireRousseau)

Awww! Cutesy Google doodle of favela football fever today. Only detail missing is bullet-riddled corpses pumping torrents of blood downhill.

— Brandy Snap (@Brandy_Snap)

Favela life looks pretty cute once @google doodle all the bloodshed and poverty out of it

— Aleks Eror (@slandr)

HOW EFFING CUTE! The google doodle today is of a sweet little favela! Poverty is so darn ADORABLE! #WorldCup2014

— DJ Dessert Pizza (@statechampagne)

The current Google Doodle of a favela seems in poor taste.

— Melissa B (@melbeat_)

11. Google has declined to comment.

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