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33 Things Only Colombians Will Understand

From Santa Marta to Leticia, the feeling is unique.

1. Everyone was part of this at some point in their lives...

2. And this too:

3. Correcting foreigners on how to spell is an everyday thing...

4. Any reason is good enough for a party.

5. And obviously all parties include this bad boy.

6. There's nothing better than your food.

7. Especially some of this to cure a hangover.

This is 'caldito de costilla'.

8. No one will ever forget this soccer match:

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9. And this is how you feel when someone makes a cocaine related joke.

10. You absolutely love him:

11. But when it comes to her, love comes and goes...

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Rocker Shakira was ten times better than blonde Shakira.

12. When young - and sometimes not so young - this hairdo was the summer hit:

13. Buying cellphone minutes on the street is super common:

14. You give directions like this:

15. You'll stop whatever you're doing to watch your soccer team play.

16. You can shop on any corner...

17. Especially when stuck in one of these:

18. The cities are beautiful.

19. Driving under this means you're almost there.

20. And nothing can compare to your beaches.

21. You say "regálame" (gift me) all the time, but it doesn't necessarily mean this:

22. Women are perfect.

Jeff Vespa / WireImage

23. And since we're talking about Sofia Vergara, who can forget this commercial?

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24. The men are also hot.

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

25. This will make your mouths water.

26. There's no better coffee than yours...

Only you understand that these animals don't mean the obvious...

27. Camel = Work.

Flickr: doug88888


28. 'Doing the cow' = asking for money.

Flickr: loandersson

"Hagamos la vaca"

29. "To do the rabbit" = leave without paying.

Flickr: 45493477@N05

"Hacer conejo"

30. Female wolf = Tacky woman who usually dresses in animal print and abuses golden accessories.

31. There's a past you'd like to forget.

32. But know that together you are stronger:

33. Especially when it comes to giving them some hope...

You can read the Spanish version here.

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