Meet Michael Buble’s Beautiful Argentine Wife

Luisana Lopilato and Michael Buble married in 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They had their first baby boy in late August and are beyond adorable together.

1. Let’s get to know the 26-year-old actress-model-singer-hottie-mom that stole Buble’s heart.

2. Here’s Lopilato at age 11 posing with her first co-star, “Dibu.”

In the sitcom Mi Familia es un Dibujo the youngest family member is a little cartoon boy. The back story was that the mom loved watching cartoons while pregnant and when she gave birth Dibu was born.

3. One of her most memorable roles came in 2002 in the sitcom Rebelde Way where she played one of the lead characters.

And yes, she performed a striptease in a high school act.

4. She quickly became one of the hottest local stars.

Maxim / Via photobucket.com

5. She also stared in the Argentine remake of Married with Children.


Her character was Paola Argento, a Latin American version of Kelly Bundy (played by Christina Applegate).

6. At the beginning of their relationship Buble made fun of Lopilato’s English in an interview with Oprah.

Our guess is that Luisana’s skills got better after this because Buble has not mentioned it again. Either that, or he got called out for being a mean boyfriend.

7. And although she didn’t have the best fashion sense back then…

Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

8. She gracefully learned what it meant to be in the spotlight.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

9. Buble made her the star of his video… Awwww!

10. They tied the knot in 2011.

Enrique Marcarian / Reuters / Reuters

The wedding, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was described by guests as out of a fairy tale.

11. They are 12 years apart, but who cares… Just look at those smiles!

AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko, file

14. And cute.

Here she’s bumping pregnant bellies with a friend in an attempt for their babies to meet.

15. Did we say hot?

Pregnancy didn’t stop Lopilato from posing for a lingerie ad. The blonde bombshell posed in nothing but underwear in New York at four months pregnant.

16. Hot. Hot. Hot.

17. But most importantly, Lopilato and Buble are just adorable together.

Enrique Marcarian / Reuters

18. You can follow their adventures on her Instagram account.

19. Where she makes fun of him in the most adorable way.

20. As expected, their baby Noah is ADORABLE.

21. Since then, everything’s been about her two boys.

22. And motherhood has her looking better than ever.

23. Yay for them!

Todd Korol / Reuters

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