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Everyone Is Losing Their Shit With The Arrow People At The Olympic Ceremony

The real MVPs.

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In case you were not paying attention during the Olympic opening ceremony, there were bunch of arrow people dancing and holding hands. Their job was making sure athletes were going the right way...

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And people LOVED them:


my goal in life is to be those people wearing the arrows in the opening ceremony of the olympics #OpeningCeremony


I wish I was one of those arrows at the rio olympics


Human arrows are the real heroes of these Olympics


I'm watching the olympics ceremony & theres lil people in box costumes that have arrows on them & they're dancing around Im laughing so hard


One day, I'm gonna be one of those dancing arrows in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics


How do you get to be one of the dancing people with arrows on their ponchos at the olympics....asking for a friend (Mallory Jean Duane)


I can't decide if I'm embarrassed for or extremely proud of the people dressed as directional arrows. #Rio2016 #Olympics


Someday I hope to be one of the dancing arrows at the Olympics.


In Rio Olympics they made people wear arrows pointing to which direction people should go just to make sure 😂👌


What's with all the people wearing poster-board arrows lining the Olympic parade? Hint: Follow the country in front of you. #Olympics


Yes, big thanks to the volunteers especially those wearing the arrows on their shirts. Your dancing was on point #OpeningCeremony #Olympics


Why the hell are they wearing those arrows at the Olympics


You KNOW my ass would be dressed as one of those dancing arrows giving athletes directions if it meant I could be at the Olympics


For next Olympics, I'm gonna apply to be 1 of the ppl dancing for 3 hrs while wearing pink arrows during Parade of Nations.


Nice that the dancers are wearing directional arrows. It's the Olympics' way of saying, "You're athletes, we don't think you're bright."

All of us right now.

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