14 Times Katharine McPhee Really Gave Us Everything We Wanted On Twitter

    She DID that.

    1. When she made her Broadway debut.

    If you then you don’t don’t love deserve me at my me at my https://t.co/SoUOkhhy81

    Via Twitter

    Karen Cartwright is shaking, indeed.

    2. When she roasted us for being late to the game.

    I’m gonna show YOU how to appreciate the TV shows I’m on while they’re still on the air.

    Via Twitter

    We can all agree SMASH deserved a third season.

    3. When she channeled Ariana Grande to officially announce her engagement to David Foster.

    Via Twitter

    And what about it?

    4. When she paid homage to the inventor of precipitation, Hilary Duff.

    #tbt me and the actual inventor of rain

    Via Twitter

    She's coming clean, you guys.

    5. When she got too real about SMASH fans.

    Via Twitter

    We are getting a third season, though, right?

    6. When she had zero time for Uber's surge pricing.

    when there’s a crazy post #tonyawards uber surge

    Via Twitter

    Who does?

    7. When she was the chameleon of hairstyles.

    when people comment on my insta & say “wig!” i know what they mean, but also... i wouldn’t blame them if they thought i wore wigs, since i’ve changed my hair 4 times in the past 2 months 😩 https://t.co/XKgw0xGVYe

    Via Twitter

    Wig! I feel that already.

    8. When she roasted us ... again ... for asking about SMASH season three.

    “ok but do you ACTUALLY think SMASH S3 can REALLY happen?”

    Via Twitter


    9. When she REALLY needed a New York slice.

    Me: #MetGala is on Monday, and I can’t be messing around. This dress needs to fit me right. Every New York pizza shop I walk past: https://t.co/iulJw5XZTi

    Via Twitter


    10. When she was thinking about dogs.

    Via Twitter

    There's literally nothing else to be said.

    11. When SHE was the one asking for a SMASH reboot.

    exclusive footage of me outside the steven spielberg offices pushing for a SMASH reboot

    Via Twitter

    Let her on, Mr. Spielberg.

    12. When she acknowledged her own impact.

    My first album was a VIBE. Who remembers bopping around to it? Which one was your favorite track!? #tbt 🌴

    Via Twitter

    We aren't "Over It" either.

    13. When she gave the gays everything they wanted.

    The rumors are true - yes, I am going to give the gays everything they want. #KatOnBroadway

    Via Twitter

    She did what she had to do.

    14. And finally, when her fans made a few points.

    ok my fans have been making SEVERAL points in my mentions and i’ve loved reading all your comments. thanks for defending me & doing all this dragging lol. love you all ❤️ https://t.co/e59EkbudSr

    Via Twitter

    Don't come for our girl.

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