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  • David Steber: The Quiz

    Does Like or Dislike the following:

  • Masculinity Can Inspire Change...Tips From Author/Psychologist Gunter Swoboda

    It started in 2015 at a publisher’s closing night Book Expo America/BookCon Rooftop party in NYC...Filmmaker Miranda Spigener-Sapon and renowned psychologist/author Gunter Swoboda were in a discussion with the editors from Oprah Magazine/OWN over cocktails. Who knew 2017 and now 2018 would be the time for this movement to take off. I had the pleasure in speaking with Gunter on tips on how men can inspire change.

  • Back To Nougat And Mobile Deleted: Smart Switch Gives Problems With The Beta To Oreo Of Some Samsung Galaxy S8

    For several weeks Samsung has initiated a program to test in a beta version of Android 8.0 Oreo for its flagship of 2017.

  • Olivia Lua Passes Away

    Adult star Olivia Lua has passed away, according to her agency, LA Direct Models.

  • What Should You Do During Your Snow Day?

    So much untapped potential in a free weekday

  • Refreshers 2018

    It’s all the excitement of Freshers but for a second time round. You get another chance to make some new friends and gain some fresh followers on Instagram; you have a second go at joining that group you were eye-ing in September but were too scared to join and you get to have a go at a whole week of parties before the heavy coursework starts. Refreshers is literally a refreshing way to kick start a whole new semester and here are some of the things to look out for to make the most out of it.

  • How To Help Entrepreneurs And Businesses Create Apps Without Coding: With Gaby Román, CEO Of YR Digital And Coaching Bubble

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Gaby Román, the CEO of YR Digital and Coaching Bubble, a company that helps entrepreneurs and business owners create apps without coding on the platform. Under her guidance, countless MVPs, apps, and entire startups have been built by non-technical founders who otherwise may never have entered the application development world. Coaching Bubble provides a full arsenal of assistance to non-programming app-founders, from high-level consulting to comprehensive digital courses.

  • If It Looks Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck, It Must Be A Nazi

    Zack Hill and Lucas Hilmarsen were interviewed by the local news to counter-protest the Norfolk, Virginia Women's March. They want you to know they are tired of being compared to nazis and Trump to Hitler and they came to defend themselves....who wants to be the one to tell their signs? And who wants to tell Lucas' Altright Wordpress? Honestly, I don't know what's more offensive, their blatant racist sexism, the media's irresponsible reporting by not showing those signs, or that handwriting. You know, these guys might have gotten away with sexism at a celebration of women seeing as the news, for some reason, didn't feature their posters. But we saw them. And Carolyn Lindsey, pictured, saw them, and being the badass she is, stood up and stood next to them. You keep standing by the trash boys, you are garbage.

  • Do You Have What It Takes To Host A Radio Show?

    Are you hard core enough to host an R91 show for Raider Student Media? Could you handle the pressures of being radio famous? Wonder no more!

  • Which Victor E. Bull GIF Are You?

    It's time to get into the loop! Take this quiz and find out which #UBuffalo Victor GIF you are! Make sure to use your GIF all semester long! Can’t find the GIFs? Head to and find your Victor GIF!

  • “Make Sure People See Your Passion Even If They Don’t Fully Understand The Drive Behind It” 5 Startup Lessons From Dr. Dana Rice

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Dana Rice, a board-certified urologist who is the owner and creator of the UTI Tracker app. Dr. Rice has an active surgical practice, is a wife and mother of two small children and was recently named to the Washingtonian's 2017 Top Doctors list.

  • A mysterious glow in space was explained

    Astronomers of the Canadian University McGill explained the afterglow left after the confluence of neutron stars, according to a press release on the site According to scientists, the radiance, which lasted for a long time after the space catastrophe, arose because of the emissions (jets) of the plasma. As astronomers specified, they usually observe short-term gamma-ray flashes that occur when plasma jets break out from the poles of a black hole or a neutron star and collide with gas and dust. As soon as the influx of energy ceases, the glow in the gamma range ceases. However, the observation of a prolonged outburst after the fusion of neutron stars recorded August 17, 2017 at a distance of 138 million light years from Earth, showed that the mechanism of the appearance of the afterglow should be more complicated.

  • 9 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Me

    Hi, I'm Lotti! If I've given you this link, it means that I think your company is pretty cool and I'd really love to work with you. If you've just stumbled across this post, then I hope you enjoy it too!

  • Getting To Know Kelsey Claire Hagen; A Witty Revolutionary Comedian On The Rise

    Introducing Kelsey Claire Hagen, a riveting actress, witty comedian and a rising revolutionary voice in stand up comedy. Kelsey has a warm presence about her that is undeniable. Witty, down to earth, brave and determined are a few words to describe this amazing individual. I asked Kelsey some questions to get to know a little of whats going on in that busy head of hers, here is what we discussed;

  • Which Committee Member Are You?

    University of Leicester Students Union is home to over 200 Student Groups, all who need Committee to run them! We really want to encourage you to join a committee so we have developed this quiz to give you an insight into which member we think you are suited to be! Rest assured lots of thought went into these questions, a beaver and Shabang! definitely has lots to do with committee members.

  • A Splash Of Happy Color -- Media Marketing With Aminta Paiz

    The demands of the business and marketing world in 2018 do not comply with a 9:00 - 5:00 work day. Consumers demand instant communication, media is expected to be produced consistently and increasing global connectivity has given businesses the ability to reach new target markets abroad. As the new creative face of popular New York fashion company We Love Color, Aminta Paiz has encapsulated what it means to be a successful self-starter in the 21st Century. Paiz has transferred her creative energy and experience with all forms of media to her team through her endeavors, which include but are not limited to completely redesigning WLC’s website, managing WLC’s social media and developing a new photo and video studio to properly showcase apparel. Managing media for a fashion company in New York is a high-pressure job, but with a personal vision to spread joy through clothing, Paiz has stayed focused and worked hard to make a niche for herself within the industry.

  • Le Quiz Test

    Testing again

  • Le Nuevo Test De Draft

    veamos que tal

  • 16 Galentines Gifts That Will Give You Heart-Eyes

    Show your BFF that they're an MVP, ASAP.

  • Are You Jack Or Lexi?

    The ultimate duo.

  • Which Officer From Team 52 Are You?

    Discover which officer from Wisconsin DECA's Team 52 you are the most like!

  • Event แบบไหนที่ใช่คุณ

    ลองมาดูกันซิว่า คุณเหมาะกับ Event แบบไหน ถ้าพร้อมแล้ว มาเริ่มกันเลย!

  • Who Should Be Your New Bestie?

    some gals hangin out and want to make friends! take this quiz to see who you match well with

  • Three Trends Driving FinTech Innovation

    Financial Technology (FinTech) is driving a pronounced shift toward data usage to better cater to the needs of the customer. A new generation of startups is creating systems to provide seamless user experiences that are transforming entire industries. Integrated software systems are increasingly being used to streamline the customer journey.

  • Which Dua Lipa Rule Are You?

    Vamo ver que regra é você baseado em algumas perguntas

  • Negombo Fisherman – The Unsung Heroes Of Negombo

    The fishing industry is the backbone of Negombo, and the fishermen are the cogs that drive the machine. Their work can be quite remarkable and is largely taken for granted.