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  • Why Aids Became an Epidemic in the USA

    Cuba has the lowest HIV percentage of HIV/AIDs in the World. Why?

  • quiz

    Which Annoying Slang Word Are You?

    As 2016 comes to a close, let's see which words stick around till next year.

  • Which Jewish Singer Would You Be?

    We Just Can't All be Shwekey

  • DJ HK Is Back And Brings With Him Two New Artists

    DJ HK is back, in partnership with Mc Wagner Vox Rã & Fagner. This charismatic and uniquely talented Portuguese producer plays multi-instruments and his gigs are renowned for the energy they bring to the dance floor. He has now returned to deliver new music to playlists all over the world. He is recognized in Latin-America for his Latin House style; but is also acclaimed in many countries for being a fine Tech-House and EDM artist. This time he teams up with two Brazilian artists well known in their home country also for Latin House, and together they have produced an album scheduled for release in 2017. We caught up with DJ HK in the UK. In an exclusive chat he revealed how he fought back from emotional depression and personal problems that have seen him absent from the charts for three years. He was in good spirits as he described his recovery to us. Talking about the new album, he said it was originally planned for 2013, before the brief hiatus in his career; but is now on schedule to be released in 2017. The single EU JÁ PEGUEI - Extended Version (meaning; I Already Got It) is available to listen to now on SoundCloud. We also had the privilege of listening to some of the finished tracks from this talented and highly individualistic performer. All tracks are in collaboration with Mc Wagner Vox Rã & Fagner. EU JÁ PEGUEI - Original Mix - Out now! EU JÁ PEGUEI - Extended - Out 23 December (pre-order 15 December) You can listen to these Releases on BUY-RECORDS' SoundCloud

  • Who Will You Be Left Standing With After The Final Rose

    Now that you've found yourself, find bae

  • 7 Tips To Decorate Home

    How to make a more beautiful home

  • Men In High Heels WORLD RECORD

    Can you beat this record!?

  • BUY-RECORDS Anûncia O Lançamento Do Novo Single EU JÁ PEGUEI Dos Artistas DJ HK, Mc Wagner Vox Rã & Fagner

    BUY-RECORDS orgulha-se em anunciar o lançamento da nova música do DJ HK, Mc Wagner Vox Rã & Fagner, EU JÁ PEGUEI, disponível no Itunes e Beatport para download, Spotify e Google Play para streaming no dia 02 de Dezembro. EU JÁ PEGUEI, é fruto da colaboração destes três artistas de música eletrônica. Este novo temas estará disponível em duas versões: Original e Extended, está previsto para breve o lançamento de mais temas musicais provenientes da colaboração entre estes artistas. DJ HK já é conhecido no circuito mundial da música eletrônica com atuações realizadas em vários países e em alguns dos melhores clubs do mundo. Mc Wagner Vox Rã & Fagner, artistas já conhecidos no Brasil, mas agora preparam-se para conquistar outros mercados musicais nomeadamente na Europa. DJ HK & Mc Wagner Vox Rã são artistas exclusivos da BUY-RECORDS. “É difícil imaginar outro artista na onda do Latin-House que combine a produção de temas de sucesso com atuações ao vivo explosivas usando técnicas de mistura suberbas, carismática imagem e atitude que contagia todos os corpos na pista a vibrar com vide do DJ HK.” DAVIDE GONÇALVES – MÚSICA VIBE “Mc Wagner Vox Rã, uma voz na música eletrônica com energia e talento, este artista prepara-se para conquistar o mundo da música de dança. Suas músicas contam já com colaborações além-fronteiras.” RAFA SANTANA – PISTA BRASIL Para receber Promos nossos para Reviews, Rádios, DJs por favor contactem Para informações de outros Releases da Label: SoundCloud – Facebook – Youtube –

  • 14 Items You Need To Get Your Spoiled Dog This Christmas

    Because man's best friend deserves it all.

  • Which Sex And The SITy Character Are You?

    Find out which Sex and the SITy character you are! You know you want to find out and then come meet your spirit SIT animal at our show on Saturday night December 10th at 11:15 in the red door!

  • Story Of A PERSON

    To take all the whimsy, experiences and your nature to where ever it'd lead. thus for myself the goal is simply to fancy, discover and swirl in marvel. on the way to move graciously whereas giving a helping hand as we are able to.

  • How I Make A Trystick

    A quick video tutorial on how I make a Try-stick.

  • Extra, Extra, My 2017 Must Read…

    As 2016 draws to a close, and with the cold and cozy winter days upon us, it’s a great time to snuggle up with an enticing new read. Not to play favorites, but I wanted to share a hidden gem I stumbled upon a few months back; a smoking hot daily blog ready to turn up the heat in your “bedroom,” or wherever you keep your web friendly device, lol! Appealing to its readers sexual desires, (as described in a recent press release at The Carrington Diaries,, is offering up addictive tales of seduction. Launched in early 2016 and already over one million-page views, The Carrington Diaries has established itself as the go to resource for daily erotica. An homage to Jackie Collins and E.L. James (author of Fifty Shades Of Grey), the blog site is authored by Rovier Carrington, a larger than life Hollywood socialite, author, and the great-grandson of Moe Howard, creator of The Three Stooges. Rovier says this “although fiction, these daily diary entries record the outrageous lives and sexual exploits of six complex characters, all based upon real life.” To vaguely quote Anastasia Steele, “my inner goddess jumps up and down with cheer-leading pom-poms shouting yes, every entry I read from The Carrington Diaries. Might I suggest starting with Amir and Petra Scarsin, you’ll “spank me” I mean thank me later.

  • What Are You Feeding Your Puppy With And How Often Did You Fed Him

    If you are a dog owner, what does your dog usually eat? Is it the general family food or dog food?if this is your first time to own a puppy. The best food is dog food!

  • 11 Ways To Not Be An Absolute Jerk To People With Disabilities

    Or, things that you should already be doing to avoid an awkward interaction.

  • A reusable rocket launching system, having returned from the first and second stages

    Launching spacecraft - not cheap. Therefore, producers are doubly frustrating when their products are, we can say, "disposable articles" for launching or takeoff. After that aids burn up in the upper atmosphere, turn into debris or fall to the bottom of the ocean. But developments in the field of "reusable" products is also underway, and recently Australian scientists presented the project of reusable system launch missiles returned by the first and second stages. For the development of responsible scientists from the University of Queensland, led by Professor Michael Smart. Their system is called «Spartan» ( «Spartan"), and it can significantly reduce the cost of space travel.

  • Which Member Of Psalm 100 Are You?

    Are you Patrick or Joe? Maggie or CG? Find out which member of UNC Psalm 100 is your spirit animal.

  • 10 Healthy Eating Tips For A Busy Lifestyle

    10 tips on how to eat healthy when you have a busy lifestyle by Sergio Ristie.

  • The Future Scares Me

    A few days ago I was thinking about what I want to do after college and all of the challenges I will have to face to get to where I want to be. Somehow I ended up writing this. So here you go.

  • Trump, Hillary And Her First Vote

    What the election meant to her...and all of us.

  • Which Wheaton XC Runner Are You?

    Take this quiz to find out which severely awkward, hilariously odd, debilitatingly attractive, Wheaton Men’s XC team member you are!

  • 5 Easy Steps How To Pick Up A Girl

    The best tips on how to be more attractive to women shown in a sarcastic way. This is how you become more attractive to girls!

  • DO YOU HAVE . . .


  • What Upperclassman Member Of The SQUAAANGS Are You?

    Find out what upperclassman member of the Squaaangs you most resemble!!

  • Photos - 'Sing' World Premiere At L.A. Live

    Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey and co-stars attend premiere

  • 10 Awkward Moments When Dining With The Squad

    Don’t let awkwardness get in the way of #squadgoals. Luckily, there’s an app for that…

  • Just How Done With This Semester Are You?

    With only a week before finals, you're probably either stressed out to the maximum, or living in blissful acceptance of your impending death. Let's find out.