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  • Which Jones Child Are You????

    Ever wondered which Jones child you relate to the most?! Well, now's your chance! Now you get to be ~one of us~

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  • Top 5 Best Kendrick Lamar Songs Of All Time

    Kendrick Lamar is active since 2003 and right from that day, this man is literally making some very good relation with the music. Talking about the publicity, well, Kendrick Lamar is also famous for his publicity as well. Taking about the music and songwriting his main goal, he is just perfect! For this man, I must say that he is becoming the backbone of hip hop industry. Being 29 years old, he has got real skills in writing songs and making music. From those skills and talent, we have gathered top 5 songs of Kendrick Lamar’s career. Let’s start with the first one!

  • Diamond Engagement Rings - What Do I Do?

    If you are confused by the many kinds of engagement rings on the market today, then you may find yourself browsing the internet for ideas, tips and tricks on how to get the most bang for your buck.

  • 2017: The Year Of Stormzy

    You think you're better than him? Shut up! #merky

  • Which Freshman ONLY!!! Are You?

    We are freshman. We are proud rawr XD

  • Funy Cute Cockatiel Doing Cute Things - Funny Birds Video 2017

    Best Funy Cute Cockatiel Doing Cute Things - Funny Birds Video 2017. Try not to laugh or grin when watching this video. Funniest Cockatiel Bird Compilation videos Please subscribe our channel FunnyAnimals help us like, share this video! Thank you very much :) :) :)

  • Twitteratis Are Busy Making Kidnapping Jokes

    Twitter never amazes me. In no time a joke template gets viral and everyone is busy cracking jokes using the same template. Same thing happened again where Tweeps were busy making hilarious and funny jokes on getting kidnapped format. Here are few of those.

  • Tips For Choosing The Right Shampoo To Control Your Hair Fall

    Among different hair problems, hair fall is the most common one in all over the world. Most of the people are suffering from hair fall and looking for the best solution. Dust, dirt, and pollution can cause dandruff to your hair. Also, your scalp may become oily. After a particular time, you will notice hair fall. When the number of fallen hair is higher than the standard, you should take proper steps. One of the regular hair products is the shampoo. To secure your healthy hair, should choose the right shampoo and conditioners. If you don’t know how to select the right shampoo to control your hair fall, consider the following factors.

  • Which Female Badass Are You?

    Who Run the World? Girls

  • This Winter's Fashion Do's

    Yes, we get it. It's BRICK out here on these New York City streets for the next few months until our beloved hedgehog rears its furry little head and ultimately decides if we'll be suffering through a few more weeks of Ice Age torture until we freeze into walking human icicles or we'll be in for a pleasant surprise of sunny days and blue skies in the Big Apple. However, that does NOT mean we're allowed to skip around in layers on layers of ratty sweatshirts, kapeesh?

  • The Night Witches

    We interrupt your normal Buzzfeed programming to bring you a story about The Night Witches: a badass bitch bomber squadron from WWII. Read on to find out how these ladies kicked some Nazi butt back in the day. Goals, amiright ladies?

  • Answer These Questions And We'll Give You A Part-Time Holiday Job

    Since we could all use a little extra Christmas cash.

  • Are You Hannah Or Nathan?

    There is a wrong answer

  • 6 Pro Secrets For Your Healthiest Hair Ever

    Do you feel jealous of seeing the beautiful hair of your friend? You will surprisingly notice that some people don't have any hair problems. Also, some people never face the hair fall issue. Well, the reason behind the fact is, they know correctly how to take care of the hair. If you wish the same result, here are 6 pro tips that you can follow in your everyday life.

  • Watch This Brave Woman Bare All For Body Positivity

    A woman undresses down to her underwear to come to terms with her body image and discover the stories and experiences documented in the scars, folds, shape and size of her body. This three minute doco is a tear-jerker, so grab your tissues!

  • Top 12 Greatest Things About Working At Google

    My friend Miram Ebrahim recently left her job at Google to launch her new app, Common Connect. She shared with me 12 incredible things about her experience working at Google.

  • 5 Ways to Treat Anxiety Naturally

    One of the most common problems in society today is anxiety. Most people have sources of stress in their life, whether it is work, money, family, friends, or other personal relationships. For many, they may even have prescription medications which they are supposed to take when they feel anxious. For those who are looking to avoid these prescription medications, there are a few natural remedies that people should take advantage of to help relieve the stress in their life and treat the anxiety they are dealing with.

  • Which Guard Senior Are You?

    Take this quiz to predict your future. As seniors, we represent only the best finely aged teenagers around. So obviously, you're going to end up like one of us. Continue to find out!

  • Bears! Beets! Battlestar Galactica!

    How much do you know about "The Office" Dwight Schrute's favorite things?

  • Stars Who Make A Difference: Chandler Kinney, Of FOX's Lethal Weapon

    I had the pleasure to interview rising teen star and philanthropist, Chandler Kinney. Chandler stars on FOX's People's Choice nominated hit series "Lethal Weapon" as "Riana Murtaguh," the daughter of LAPD detective "Roger Murtaugh," portrayed by Damon Wayans. This drama series, based on the hit movie franchise of the same name returned for season two on FOX. Chandler went on to numerous guest starring roles on popular television shows including FX's "American Horror Story - Asylum," Nickelodeon's "Haunted Hathaways," Disney's "Girl Meets World" and The CW's "90210." Chandler is also best known for her breakout role as "Catherine Dillman" on Amazon Prime Family's "Gortimer Gibbons Life on Normal Street." When Chandler is not in front of the camera, she's dedicated to improving her strengths and talents. She currently holds a black belt in TaeKwon Do and stays active through challenging workouts and dance. She lends her time and talents to Los Angeles and Midwestern charities by donating cozy hand-made blankets for foster children each winter. Chandler continually sponsors a child through the non-profit organization, Compassion International, and regularly writes back and forth with a child in Ethiopia. She also founded her own non-profit organization "Chandler's Friends" that gives back to children in need in the community.

  • Whose Feet?

    Like the Lord we claim to follow, we are the ones to be washing feet and not the other way around (John 13). But whose feet are we to wash? Do we wash only the feet of those we agree with, who are a part of our tribe, who we consider friends? Only other Christians — and even then — only those we agree with? Whose feet? Relatedly, are we endorsing or participating somehow, in the views or actions of others, when we serve them? ... by Darrell Lackey

  • 10 Reasons You Might Hate Winter

    Brace yourselves...Winter is coming!

  • Which Serious Economics Character Are You?

    We all love and adore the classic play "SERIOUS ECONOMICS". Take this personality quiz to see which Serious Economics character you are most like!