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  • Highland Kilt Company

    Welcome to Highland Kilt Company. From great quality kilts to all of your Scottish wear accessories, we have you covered from head to toe! Our $89 and $99 Kilt Packages are all in stock kilts ready to ship, and we also offer ​100% Wool custom kilts in around 500 Tartans.

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  • 7 Mentiras Que Contam Para Você Sobre A Reforma Trabalhista

    Veja as setes maiores mentiras que os governistas e empresários contam para você sobre a reforma trabalhista.

  • How To Use A Bottle Of Lucozade To Pay For The Tube

    No, I am not shitting you! Next week you can use a bottle of Lucozade to pay for the Tube!

  • 12 Must-Do's For Emerging Scriptwriters!

    Practical advice to help get your ideas made.

  • Happy Groceries

    " You are now welcome and invited to forage through my weird groceries; they’re yours if you like them. I’ve got generic groceries and some really oddball specials (mostly odd ball specials, due to being a massive weirdo myself- sorry). "

  • Which Queen's U Residence Life Coordinator Are You Most Like?

    Take this quiz to find out which current RLC you are most like!

  • MavWealth Launched As The World’s First Reverse Auction Website Exclusively For E-Currency launched with a unique concept to give people the chance to bid and win on a multitude of ecurrencies through online bidding using the most suitable, secure and reliable way. MavWealth also adopts Binary networking model for benefit of its members. London, UK – August 2016 The main aim of the company is to combine a very innovative game to increase your wealth and achieve financial freedom. The company introduces to you the world’s first and most exceptional concept – Online reverse auction for E-currency. The ultimate goal is to assist users to go beyond the regular online auctions and make more wealth with their investment. The world of investing can be hard. The ideas that succeed on the long run are those which look to be simple yet are powerful with tons of insight. With MavWealth you can exchange e-currencies like Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, PayPal, SolidTrust Pay, Payza, OKPAY, Neteller etc. Peter Scott, CEO of Mav Wealth Limited said, “We’re different from the traditional and conventional online auction systems. We provide to you an investment plan with a very positive twist! Combining the two highest performing trendsetting pieces of the virtual world – Ecurrency and online reverse auction, MavWealth provides you with the REVERSE AUCTION solely for ECURRENCY.” The champions of MavWealth assures the earning methods are truly solid and invite you to become a part of the MavWealth family, experience it for yourself. MavWealth provides you with 4 options to earn more, 1.Bid wins 2.Daily Cashback 3.Direct Income 4.Binary Income Also to get you on track risk free, MavWealth says – “Sign up with Social login and earn 10 free bid points to start your journey.” MavWealth assures secured transaction by having Comodo Secure and Trust Guard certifications, dependability, wide variety of payment options with PCI commpliance and round the clock assistance, which certainly makes it outstanding. With our multiple packages we make it simpler for you to get started and grow your wealth. Log on to for more information.   About MavWealth A passionate team of experts from both financial and technology domain, we believe currency transaction and trading can be taken to newer heights to provide greater convenience to all. Our purpose is to support you to achieve your greater financial goals and grow globally with help of member agents across the globe. We are always looking for ways and means to expand the possibilities to increase wealth creation for you through a robust platform. The idea is to assist you to get your financial freedom in life by take advantage of our services. The current model provides a fair chance for all bidders. Place the lowest and most unique bid. Every player has multiple options to bid on thus increasing the possibility of winning. Our excitement and enthusiasm comes from our customer’s joy, hence we are always working to create new and innovative solutions. Website: | Phone: +447441912666 | E-mail:


    Endava moves to new office in Belgrade to accommodate local team’s growth With more than 370 employees and aiming to exceed 700 over the next 3 years, Endava opens a new, four floor office in Belgrade Strengthening its delivery capability in Central Europe, fast-growing IT services company Endava, entered the Belgrade market in 2015, through its merger with software development company, PSTech. Since then, the Belgrade office has grown to over 370 employees working with some of the biggest names in industries such as Technology, Telecom, Insurance and Banking. Moving into a new office space within the Square 41 luxury development, the 3 floors Endava is currently occupying accommodate 514 people, with an additional floor to be finalized by 2018, increasing capacity to over 700. Aligned to offices across all Endava locations, the Belgrade office includes 37 meeting rooms, cafeteria, relaxation areas, game rooms on each floor, a library, gym, a cafeteria, as well as parking spaces next to the building. From software developers, architects, test engineers and application managers, to Scrum masters, product owners and business analysts, passionate IT professionals and interns have the opportunity to join the Endava team in Belgrade and enjoy a new home for innovation.

  • Why 360 Virtual Reality Had Been So Popular Till Now?

    You can flaunt your item by utilizing 360 Virtual Reality photography. Since they can't really hold or touch it, web purchasers particularly jump at the chance to see the item they're purchasing in alternate points of view - back, front, sides, ethereal perspectives and tilting edges. This is the place 360 virtual reality photography can have the effect in your sales.

  • It's Sci-Fi Friday On #TrumpedUpFlicks!

    A series of satirical movie posters.

  • Best Video Cutter Cuts And Splits Your Videos Losslessly And Quickly

    This article is about the best free video cutters that can make it possible for video lovers to trim large videos and remove unwanted video segments.

  • Las Mejores empresas de Reformas Granada

    Empresas de Reformas en Granada. La idea de tratar de mezclar el interior con el exterior de las mismas, de manera que los dos ambientes se complementen uno del otro, dando al dueño viva su vida llenandose de sol en sendos entornos. Luces y decoración en viviendas de Granada capital. Desde esta plataforma para que se anuncien empresas de reformas en Granada, sabemos de que la iluminación es parte fundamental de la composición de una oficina. Acentuar un espacio o encubrirlo, presentarlo de de forma nítida, son capacidades de la iluminación artificial que algunos departamentos de decoracion e interioristas proyectan con entusiasmo. Desde aquí creemos que es obligatorio, como paso previo a la reforma, realizar un estudio del espacio y de la distribución de la luz natural. Los dos conceptos, como entenderás, son distintos, ya que la iluminación de exteriores, no es lo mismo a la iluminación natural, y normalmente de la zona donde se encuentre el piso y del acceso de la luz exterior, estos proyectos no está al alcance de todas las empresas y profesionales del sector. En nuestra web como buenos profesionales cargados de experiencia, en rehabilitaciones tenemos muy claro que es trabajo del arquitecto encontrar una solución acorde al estilo del cliente dentro del espacio que se la ha dado para trabajar, pero también es trabajo del decorador reflexionar y sugerir al cliente alternativas que no hayan sido tenidas en cuenta por éste. Por eso es tan interesante la relación entre arquitecto y cliente, y por eso los decoradores cuidan esa relación. Espacios para reformar. En las empresas de reformas no importa el tamaño de la comunidad de vecinos, el proyecto tiene que conseguir complementar los diferentes ambientes para no disminuir el ambiente. Los especialistas del diseño de interiores, ellos conseguirán hacer de tu oficina, posea los m2 que tenga, un area en el que disfrutar de su vida una plácida experiencia diaria.

  • Una Ovación Para Todas Esas Personas Que Se Enfrentan A Sus Miedos

    Porque yo también creí que nunca lo superaría.

  • Tooth Implants: 5 Main Points Of Post Implantation Care

    Modern medicine has gone far enough to solve just about any problem concerning damaged teeth, no matter how seriously they are damaged. Tooth implantation is one of the most common procedures helping to bring your charming smile back.

  • Sightseeing In Milan The Local Way

    Exploring a new city is always fun, except when you end up right in the middle of all tourist traps... So hereby some exclusive insider tips to experience a day in Milan like a true italian!

  • How Do You Stand Out And Make The Most Of This Automation Age?

    Creativity is our greatest way to win against the machines.

  • Network Forensics – The Need For Safety Or Networks

    Network forensics is a process of investigating and analyzing information about a network or network events.

  • Monday is a hard day !!

    Monday is a hard day !! A visual instruction of actions to go to work after the weekend!

  • 50 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Famous YA Book Series

    Never judge a book by its meme. (MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD!)

  • Is This A Movie Or Am I Totally Making Up Some Shit?

    Because The Men Who Stare At Goats is legit.

  • Diamond Planet - Cartoon 3D

    Cartoon 3D - Diamond PlanetI decided to complete a cartoon about the robot explorer of star systems. The first part was made in 2015, the second was completed in 2017. The total time took about a week to 2 parts. Yesterday made a new render of the first part, when the robot arrives on the planet. To be continued.....

  • Top (and Most Effective) Tips To Baby Proof Your Kitchen

    In this post, we will look at the best (and easiest) ways of ensuring that your kitchen in baby proof!

  • Design An Apartment And We'll Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Belong In

    Which Hogwarts house are you in based on your apartment preferences?

  • Gum Disease Increases Your Risk Of Tooth Loss Far More Than Rotten Teeth

    If you ask most people what they think is the most common cause of tooth loss. It’s highly likely that many will answer that it's tooth decay. However, the fact is that gum disease presents a far greater risk for tooth loss than having rotten teeth.

  • Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

    Weddings are an amazing event where two people begin their journey through life together. On the other hand, the wedding itself could be a real nightmare. This article will give you some simple for planning the perfect wedding day.